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XCPD-023 Retirement Savings and Income

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This course includes the comprehensive study of qualified retirement plans, other tax-advantaged plans, non-qualified plans, and employee benefits in a manner that integrates the overall concepts of financial planning.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Gain a firm grasp of retirement planning concepts.
  • Undergo a comprehensive study of the characteristics of retirement plans including qualified, nonqualified, tax-advantaged plans and employee/group benefits; Social Security and Medicare as they apply to a given planning situation.
  • Learn about plan characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and be able to recommend the appropriate plan to a given employer or situation.
  • Understand implementation, administration and items such as discrimination testing, participation requirements, and contribution limits at the plan level.
  • Learn how these plans integrate with financial planning concepts and financial planning processes.
Terry College of Business

Retirement and Employee Benefits (Certified Financial Planner Certification Course)

UGA Terry College of Business Executive Programs: Certified Financial Planner

Next dates

Oct 15—Nov 19, 2019
4 daysModules info
Atlanta, GA, USA
USD 995
USD 248 per day


In this course, participants receive a comprehensive overview of qualified (defined benefit, profit share, and 401(k) plans) and non-qualified (deferred compensation, incentive stock options, and employee stock purchase plans) retirement plans, other tax-advantaged plans (SIMPLE, Roth, and traditional IRAs), and employee benefits. This course also presents an overview of the Social Security, disability, and health care programs such as Medicare.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define and differentiate between the types of plans that can be developed.
  • Analyze a client's financial health and develop the most advantageous retirement and employee benefit options to meet the long-term needs expressed in the overall financial plan.
  • Identify the needs and objectives of businesses to determine the best design for their employee retirement and benefit plans.


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