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Women in Leadership (Online)

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Women bring a variety of strengths into the workplace. Their unique insights and perspectives lend strength to a company. According to research from Gallup, gender diversity is a strong indicator of a company's financial performance.*

The professional challenges that women in business face are unique and often fueled by an unconscious gender bias in the workplace. You have the opportunity to overcome these hurdles for yourself and the women around you by developing practical strategies for leadership development.

The Women in Leadership online course from USB-ED will help you explore the core strengths of female business leadership and how it can be used to bolster the performance of your organisation. On successful completion you’ll also receive a certificate from Stellenbosch University, recognising your commitment to women leadership in the workplace.

What will set you apart

Earn a certificate from Stellenbosch University in this online short course and be empowered to:

  • Develop your own diversity proposal for a business of your choice, highlighting the importance of representation
  • Turn the challenges faced by women in the workplace into opportunities for leadership development and organisational-wide solutions
  • Identify and develop your own leadership identity as a female business leader by understanding your power and recognising your strengths
  • Empower the women around you by focusing on how their strengths can be strategically leveraged to improve the overall performance of your business context

Course curriculum

Learn to turn hurdles into opportunities and develop the leadership potential of women in your workplace in this Women in Leadership course as you follow your learning path through the weekly modules of this online course:

Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus

  • Module 1 Unconscious gender bias in the workplace
  • Module 2 Developing a leadership identity
  • Module 3 Communicating and negotiating with power
  • Module 4 Team development and optimising performance
  • Module 5 Social Capital
  • Module 6 Overcoming barriers
  • Module 7 Women as strategic leaders
  • Module 8 The importance of diversity


Degree of study: Masters: Education Management I have been working for Ernst & Young for the last 3 years and transferred to the office in Qatar in March this year. I have however resigned and will be moving back to South Africa at the end of the year. After completion of my notice period wit...


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Detailed Description
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