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About the course

Further build your leadership and management competencies to thrive in a world of gender equity challenges.

Leadership: Does gender matter? Gender shouldn’t matter, but in reality only 5% of CEOs in Africa are women (McKinsey & Company Women Matter Africa Report, 2016).

Although there has been progress in empowering female leaders in the workplace, gender equality challenges still plague organisations.

As a dynamic female leader, gain the practical tools and knowledge to overcome these challenges and achieve personal effectiveness through enhanced leadership and management skills, to thrive in a world of gender equality challenges.

This programme also provides an opportunity to exchange views and network with women leaders from diverse sectors of government, business and society.

Key focus areas:

  • Drawing on lessons from history (global and local) on advancements made thus far in gender equality;
  • A practical toolkit that women leaders can use to navigate obstacles and achieve success;
  • Engaging in dialogue with seasoned business leaders (women and men) who are taking the lead in championing the cause for women advancement in society and the workplace; and
  • Developing confidence in women to own their voices and achieve their aspirations, regardless of adversities faced.

How you will benefit

This programme will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the macro, organisational and personal challenges women in ascending roles face locally and globally and how to navigate them.
  • Recognising similarities and differences of leadership styles of men and women.
  • Create your personal power strategies and the appropriate use thereof.
  • Be exposed to case studies on best practice within organisations that advance women leaders.
  • Enhance your understanding of the role of women in business strategies required to advance your career.; and
  • Surface the tug of war women face and how they create coping strategies.

Who should attend

The programme is best suited for women leaders in mid to senior management positions from all sectors with significant management and decision making responsibilities. The intervention will enhance understanding of the role of women in business and impart skills and strategies required to advance ones career.​

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Shireen Chengadu

Profile ​Shireen is currently serving as acting Director of University Relations: University of Pretoria. From December 2002, she served in various executive roles at GIBS, her final role being that of executive director of the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue and Enterprise Development Academ...


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