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Terry College of Business

Trucking Profitability Strategies

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UGA Trucking Profitability Strategies

Next dates

Apr 28—30
3 days
Athens, GA, USA
USD 1295
USD 431 per day


Trucking Profitability Strategies brings senior trucking professionals together to discuss best practices and emerging trends that can immediately improve performance and profitability, and prepare participants for future opportunities and challenges. For more than 30 years, this program continues to feature leaders in the trucking industry as presenters and panelists.

Attendance is restricted to asset based trucking companies to maximize the learning and networking experience. Unlike other programs no supplies or vendors attend this conference.


  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Monetizing your Investment
  • Influencing Drivers: Driver Behavior
  • Influencing Drivers: Career Path
  • Technology and Digitalization
Lagos Business School

Pricing Strategy and Tactics for Profitability

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Next dates

Jul 2—3
2 days
Lagos, Nigeria
NGN 210000 ≈USD 583
NGN 105000 per day

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Managing pricing affects a company’s growth and profitability more quickly than any other decision. Most markets know the three Cs of pricing: cost sets the floor, customer willingness to pay sets the ceiling, and competitive pieces set the benchmarks. This seminar will help participants use price to achieve strategic objectives, successfully introduce new products to the market, respond to significant price competition, achieve prices that reflect the true value of their products and services. In addition, help participants to learn how to strategically manage pricing to defend or increase their profitability, even in highly competitive markets.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon Completion of this program, participants will:

  • Change customers’ price perceptions to capture more value.
  • Standardize discounting criteria to enable salespeople to respond more quickly and consistently with price offers that meet customers’ needs.
  • Monetize the value of offerings you provide to customers Transform pricing policies to position and reposition products.
  • Combat increasing price pressures and recessionary blows in a down economy.
  • Evaluate the real financial implications of pricing decisions.
  • Use pricing strategically to guide a business to long-term profitability, rather than reactively to solve short-term problems.
  • Determine when it makes sense to compete on price and when it does not.
  • Determine which value-added alternatives to price competition are appropriate for your business.

Programme Curriculum

  • Strategic versus Tactical Pricing framework.
  • Strategic Pricing Tools and Applications process.
  • The logic of pricing decisions as part of marketing strategy.
  • Setting Profit Maximizing Prices
  • Pricing Psychology and how to measure price sensitivity.
  • Costing and Financial Analysis
  • Managing Price Competition
  • Organizational Transformation
  • The tactics of pricing: Versioning, Product line pricing, channel pricing and Communication value.

Who should attend

This programme will benefit:

  • This programme is designed for senior managers and executives of companies who analyze, recommend, or approve pricing decisions.
  • This programme is very valuable for directors of marketing, finance, sales, and planning and for managing directors and executives of mid-size companies who are introducing new products, facing significant price competition, or failing to achieve prices that reflect the value they deliver.



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Detailed Description
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