Available dates

Jun 1—3, 2020
3 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 3599 ≈USD 4653
GBP 1199 per day


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About the course

This course has been designed to fully cover and explain the entire spectrum of the fund management process, with its emphasis and focus on understanding the principles of fund management and the more complex jargon used by fund managers. It considers the implications of recent structural changes in the markets following the ‘credit crisis’ and the effects of an economic slowdown and recovery. If you want to increase the funds under your management, understand and exploit your data to its maximum potential, this course is a must.

Attend this three-day intensive training course and equip yourself with a clear understanding of:

  • Portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • The styles of fund management and investment analysis
  • Equity investment styles including ‘impact’ investing and green portfolios
  • Portfolio structures - Pension funds to HNWIs
  • The investment products and their associated risks
  • Risk controls and benchmarking
  • Investment performance measurement and attribution analysis
  • The big swing from ‘Active’ fund management to ‘Passive’ fund management

How You Will Learn

Case studies illustrate the theory. They include:

Correlation impact on a portfolio; Performance comparisons of the major asset classes; A look at Board & Management responsibilities; Overview of an investment fund and its philosophy; Comparing Bond Performance and risk; Prioritising economic indicators for the current market; Evaluating a quoted company from a balance sheet report; Yield curve shifts on a bond portfolio; Risk adjusted performance analytics

Trust the experts

Steve McGann

Steve is a provider of financial training on a wide variety of subjects and has the ability to link real life examples with his presentations. He has worked globally for institutions such as Bank for International Settlements, ECB, OPEC Fund, Securities and Futures Authority (Hong Kong) as well a...


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