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Introduction to The Digital Advantage
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Understand how technological advancements and digitisation are impacting your organisation's future competitiveness.

Although all sessions are delivered online, participants will have the option to attend the first half-day session on 30 September 2019 at the GIBS campus in Illovo. This session will be live-streamed for distance-learning participants.

We are seeing the emergence of the digital age which most organisations and their leaders are unprepared for. More than ever, information technology (I.T.) is dramatically transforming the business and public-sector landscape and is having a direct impact on our prospects, our existing/future customers and society as a whole. In the past the business architecture and business strategies would be depicted and then they would verbalise the need for I.T to enable and execute on the need. The model has now been turned on its head.

If you look at the evolution of technology and its impact on human sociology in the past 10 - 15 years, the question is not whether you are ready for the change, its whether you can keep up with the pace of change and stay relevant regardless of your products and services. Are we prepared for what is coming? The question is not “if” but when it does impact your sector and at the pace its currently moving at, are you geared and built to adapt to these technological disruptions and adopt them to your advantage or will we be yesterday’s news?

The digital imperative is real, and we need to amplify our people, culture and technology platforms to deliver on breakthrough value. The business of the future is now.

Course modules:

This course consists of 6 modules that will provide a holistic understanding and appreciation for the application of a digitalisation framework:

  • Introduction: Setting the scene – The digital imperative;
  • Module 1: The business and customer of tomorrow;
  • Module 2: Digital dexterity – The enabler and intent to your digital strategy;
  • Module 3: Tech trends and concepts: Blockchain, 3D printing, AI and IOT;
  • Module 4: Cyber Security and data privacy legislation;
  • Module 5: Mobility: Understanding our consumers sociology; and
  • Module 6: Business intelligence – The quest for data excellence.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Have the necessary insights and understanding of the digital landscape and relate it back to your organization and industry as a whole;
  • Explain and depict the benefits of emerging technologies and concepts in business language to key decision-makers in your organisation;
  • Identify opportunities and depict risks to your current business model versus the digital transformation being depicted;
  • Understand the future customers imperatives and look to how this requires business transformation;
  • Break your digitalisation strategy (once depicted) into a tangible plan of action which is executable;
  • Have an appreciation for the business application of your digitalization strategy; and
  • Have the strategic conversations and its business application based on digital application to business;
  • Understand the importance and relevance of technology and its enablement to your business/sector;
  • Understand where technology plays a strategic role within the organisation;

How you will benefit continued:

  • Understand the importance and relevance of technology and its enablement to your business/sector;
  • Understand where technology plays a strategic role within the organisation;
  • Get an ideal of how to align and merge your business and I.T. architecture to ensure synergies;
  • See where the world is going in terms of digitalisation and mobilisation and see where your organisation fits into this to take advantage of the opportunities;
  • Understand how I.T. can lead to tangible benefits for your organisation and what it takes to make system/application delivery a success;
  • Understand what the current threats are to your organisation, how to guard against this, what future compliancy will mean and what is required to be prepared for the intrusion; and
  • Understand how your data as an asset and how this can be a game changer to achieving operation efficiencies and insights into your overall business and customers to further drive revenue.

Who should attend

Senior executives, managers, specialists and any individuals that require the insight and capability to further depict and understand the impact of technology on their business models, sector and society as a whole.


Tony is the CIO of Africa for American Tower Corporation. He is an IT executive and execution enablement specialist with broad experience, largely in the financial and telecommunications sector. Tony has managed many complex cross-border programmes and projects in all aspects from operations, com...


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