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The Challenge of Globalisation – Opportunity and Threat in World Markets

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About the course

Why do organisations decide to become global? What are the characteristics of a global organisation? In what ways are the challenges of global business different from national business? What are the risks and rewards of global business? These are some of the questions that we answer in this seminar.

This training seminar “The Challenge Of Globalisation” enables experienced delegates to understand the reasons why companies develop internationally and ultimately globally. We start by analysing the basic rationale that leads many organisations to decide to globalise. We then work through the strategic, organisational and human aspects of change from a national to a multinational and eventually global organisation. This is achieved by examination of organisations at different stages of this process and we learn from their experience in meeting and dealing with the particular challenges faced at each stage. This subject is of critical strategic importance, since all organisations are operating in an international environment that is increasingly unstable and quick to change. As international economies develop in different ways and at different speeds we can simultaneously observe more open markets and, in contrast, growing calls for protectionism and trade restrictions.

Seminar Objective

The main objectives of this seminar are as follows:

  • Understand the drivers of globalisation
  • Study the processes of global development
  • Evaluate the different mechanisms of globalisation
  • Organise for the different stages of globalisation
  • Develop as a cross-cultural manager
  • Take a long-term view of our global potential

Seminar Outline

  • The Changing Structure of the World Economy
  • Why do Organisations Develop Globally?
  • A Planning Framework for a Globalising Organisation
  • How do Organisations Develop Globally?
  • Managing the First Stages of Globalisation
  • Managing the Final Stages of Globalisation
  • Alliances and Joint Ventures in Global Strategy
  • Managing Cultural Differences in Global Development
  • Integrating Strategy and Operations in a Global Business
  • Economic Perspective – The World in 2030

Who should attend

This Oxford seminar is designed for experienced managers who now need to be aware of global factors affecting the future prospects for their business. The following categories of top-level experience typify the background of past delegates.

  • Strategic planning
  • International marketing
  • Business development
  • Supply chain design
  • Joint venture management
  • Risk analysis and risk management

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