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Techniques of Negotiating Federal Real Property Leases

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Mar 2—6, 2020
5 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1209
USD 241 per day
Jun 8—12, 2020
5 days
Dallas, Texas, United States
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Jul 27—31, 2020
5 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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About the course

The life of a Federal Government real property lease spans 5 to 20 years, often involving millions of dollars. Negotiating a fair price and terms saves time, money, and resources. Gaining the skills and tactics to successfully and lawfully negotiate contracts is a challenge even with knowledge of the Federal real property lease process. You will learn to make a deal that benefits your organization through experiential exercises where you practice your new negotiation skills and receive observer feedback. This course is a higher-level leasing warrant requirement.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct exchanges with lessors prior to negotiations
  • Determine the competitive range and extent of discussions
  • Prepare a negotiation plan
  • Conduct discussions with lessors in the competitive range
  • Conduct negotiations in noncompetitive situations

Course Topics

Introduction to Negotiations

  • Describing Negotiation
  • Recognizing Possible Negotiation Outcomes and Styles
  • Describing Attitudes That Lead To Successful Negotiations
  • Exercise: Negotiation Skills—Self Assessment
  • Exercise: Skills Analysis
  • Exercise: Negotiating for Services

Exchanges Prior to Negotiations

  • Identifying Offeror Information Needed For Offer Analysis
  • Selecting Methods For Conducting an Exchange
  • Selecting and Preparing Participants for Face-to-Face Exchanges
  • Conducting Face-to-Face Exchanges
  • Using Exchange Results
  • Establishing the Competitive Range
  • Exercise: Identifying Proper Communications
  • Exercise: Conducting Exchanges

Negotiation Preparation

  • Need for Preparation
  • Tailoring the Negotiation Team to the Situation
  • Identifying Negotiation Issues and Objectives
  • Identifying the Offeror’s Probable Approach to Negotiation
  • Assessing Bargaining Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identifying Negotiation Priorities and Potential Tradeoffs
  • Determining an Overall Negotiation Approach
  • Preparing A Negotiation Plan
  • Presenting the Negotiation Plan to Management
  • Preparing A Negotiation Agenda

Noncompetitive Negotiations

  • Recognizing the Principal Negotiator’s Responsibilities
  • Types of Negotiations After Award
  • Identifying Documentation Requirements
  • Exercise: Succeeding Lease

Nonverbal Communication

  • Recognizing Different Forms of Nonverbal Communication
  • Describing How Body Language Affects Negotiations
  • Describing How The Physical Environment Affects Negotiations
  • Recognizing How Personal Attributes Affect Negotiations

Bargaining Techniques

  • Rule 1: Be Prepared
  • Rule 2: Aim High
  • Rule 3: Give Yourself Room to Compromise
  • Rule 4: Put Pressure on the Offeror
  • Rule 5: Do Not Volunteer Weaknesses
  • Rule 6: Use Concessions Wisely
  • Rule 7: Say It Right
  • Rule 8: Satisfy NonPrice Issues
  • Rule 9: Use the Power of Patience
  • Rule 10: Be Willing To Walk Away From or Back to Negotiations
  • Exercise: Additional Space

Bargaining Tactics

  • Using Win/Win Tactics
  • Identifying Win/Lose Tactics and Appropriate Countermeasures
  • Exercise: What Might You Do If…
  • Exercise: Team Negotiations

Conducting Discussions

  • Recognizing the Steps for Competitive Discussions
  • Conducting a Comparative Assessment of Final Offers
  • Communicating Assessment Results
  • Identifying Documentation Requirements
  • Exercise: Competitive Acquisition

Postaward Negotiation and Administration

  • Buildout Period
  • Daily Administration
  • Alterations, Lease Modifications, and Changes
  • Disputes
  • Terminations and Repair

Who should attend

This course is designed for federal leasing specialists who have a fundamental understanding of real property leasing and lease proposal cost and price analysis, and are called upon to negotiate real property leases.

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