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Who should attend

If you are a senior HR generalist, Talent Manager, Organizational Developer, or Learning and Development Specialist.

About the course

Learn to integrate ‘Business Agility’ into HR and Talent Management practices to thrive in today’s knowledge economy and changing business context. In the wake of an unprecedented rate of change, volatility and uncertainty for business, inconsistencies in talent management excellence are manifesting at an accelerating rate.

The traditional talent management approaches, most of which originate in the previous century, are no longer fit for purpose. Yet, it has never been clearer that everything can be traced back to talent management. Financial performance, new technological developments and digital organizations are all driven by talent as it creates momentum within the business.

Digital and agile ways of working are forcing us to rethink our conventional ways of doing. In fact, we notice that talent management practices in companies where the HR Strategy is aligned with the companies’ core businesses are starting to align to the concept of business agility too. As a result, talent management practices are moving away from long-range planning and ‘waterfall’ organizational change transformation models and instead, moving towards nimbler talent management methods that allow them to adapt and innovate quickly.

How will you benefit?

We will bring you up to speed with the best HR practices of today and equip you with the mindsets, knowledge, skills and tools that will empower you to cope with the evolving world of work and new organizational forms.

The participant’s experience will be a ‘pressure cooker’ environment. It is an intense, challenging, developmental and fun 2-day training programme which constantly engages participants in new thinking, using case studies from leading companies and the latest research findings.

Participants can expect a mix of:

  • Input modules imparting new knowledge and insights, tied in with relevant case studies
  • Problem-solving an assignment of strategic value to your company in a peer assisted setting
  • Active stimulation for peer groups to continue active networking beyond the programme

The programme is deeply steeped in practical learning from practitioners who are familiar with the daily situations of the participants and have successfully created practical integrated HR solutions in global companies within a range of industries.

What will you learn and practice?

This 2-day training programme is highly interactive, you will discover new ways of doing business and more nimble ways of recruiting, developing and evaluating talent.
Pre-Training Work

Virtual Training Session (90 min) Introductory session to set up objectives and priorities, expectations, pre-work preparation and distribution of reading materials and start the set up of your company’s project work.

Day 1 – Laying the Foundation for Agile Talent Management

  • The Future of Work: Take a look at the dynamic new environment in the business landscape, zooming in to pay attention to Talent Management
  • Revision of trends we can extrapolate for the future as forces for change
  • Business Agility: Briefly looking at the concept and principles of agile organizations and ways of working, illustrated with real life case studies and methods used in agile working
  • Why is traditional talent management no longer fit for purpose? The business case for fluid, flexible, agile talent management. Building a vision for the future
  • New and emerging ways of talent management – shifting new talent management capabilities for the future. Application to performance management

Day 2 – Talent Management Goes Agile

  • Agile application to talent acquisition
  • Agile application to succession management
  • Agile application to learning and development
  • Agile application to employee engagement
  • Leadership in the Digital Age: What leadership qualities need to be nurtured for the digital age?
  • Evolving HR and Talent Functions: New qualities for Human Resources and

After Training Work

  • Coaching session on company projects – peer support and assistance
  • Find solutions for open implementation issues


Andreas Benkowitz

Andreas Benkowitz brings fifteen years of international corporate experience with Microsoft and ten years of consultancy and training in a variety of industries. Andreas helps senior managers and their teams to initiate and implement required transformations. Throughout his career, Andreas specia...

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Talent Management Goes Agile at MCE

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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