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Sep 14—15, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1150
USD 575 per day


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About the course

The Traits of a Progressive Leader

Guided by Kellogg’s expert faculty through lectures, hands-on exercises and interactive dialogue, you will explore how to maximize your own performance and engage and inspire others to action by communicating a sense of purpose, values and vision.

You will also examine the strengths, motivations and conditions necessary for authentic and powerful leadership, learn the behaviors that differentiate leaders with extraordinary impact, and develop your own "story" or personal narrative for strengthening your leadership impact in your organizations. You will learn to become the change you want to see in your organization and align yourself with an adaptive and growth-based mindset.

Key Benefits

  • Learn new ways to think strategically about organizational issues and challenges
  • Uncover your true leadership style by discovering strengths, motivations and the conditions necessary for authentic and powerful leadership
  • Harness the power of story to develop your own leadership narrative and vision to motivate others
  • Create an environment for moving your organization and constituents to meaningful and lasting action

Program Content

Leadership styles

  • Explore the importance of developing your own distinctive style of influence and motivation
  • Examine the elements that make up leadership styles, including rhetorical tools and strategies for motivating others to action.

Leading with vision and purpose: What’s your story?

  • Learn how to maximize your performance and engage and inspire others by communicating a sense of purpose, values and vision
  • Understand the daily behaviors that differentiate leaders with extraordinary impact
  • Focus on how leaders identify and develop their own “Story,” or personal narrative
  • Explore how to create a collective identity “Story” that communicates a compelling and inspiring vision
  • Build strong followership, create value and generate significant impact through leadership.
  • Distinguish “Story” from “story” and learn how to communicate your identity Story, vision and values through the practice of storytelling

Leadership Presence: Building Your Personal Brand

  • Explore the first impression you make and how it affects peoples’ perception of you
  • Examine how these largely unconscious judgments are made
  • Use insights to define and craft your leadership brand

Fostering Inclusion in Your Leadership Strategy

  • Learn about the sociocultural patterning of mind and behavior
  • Develop strategies to leverage the benefits of diversity
  • Foster inclusion to strengthen your own leadership skills

Who should attend

  • Senior nonprofit and non-governmental organization executives and active board members responsible for shaping the direction, mission and programs of their organizations
  • Nonprofit CEOs, executive directors and major program managers looking for new tools and approaches to improve organizational performance and effectiveness

Trust the experts

Fred Harburg

Fred has enjoyed the privilege of serving as an internal and external organizational architect for many of the world's leading multi-national firms. He is a keynote speaker, executive coach, writer, and organizational consultant. He designs and implements engagements that create coaching capabili...


Michelle Buck

Michelle Buck is Clinical Professor of Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  She has previously served as the School's first Director of Leadership Initiatives from 2006 to 2013, designing and coordinating opportunities for personal leadership development to ...


Bernard (Bernie) Banks

Bernard (Bernie) Banks is a noted expert on the subjects of leadership and organizational change. Currently, he is the Associate Dean for Leadership Development and a Clinical Professor of Management at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. As an Associate Dean, Bernie possesses...


Elise Madrick Townsend

Elise Madrick Townsend - Academic Director; Senior Program Administrator


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