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About the course

Selecting the best source for performing the requirements of a contract has a definite impact on the outcome of an acquisition. With high-dollar value, complex, or critical acquisitions, contracting personnel should use a more structured source selection approach. You will gain the knowledge and skills to make sound decisions using negotiated contracting procedures, as prescribed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15. You will practice methodologies and best practices through scenario-based exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the source selection process
  • Plan a source selection
  • Develop evaluation factors and scoring plans
  • Explain the process for preparing and issuing a solicitation
  • Perform parts of the proposal evaluation process
  • Establish an appropriate competitive range and conduct discussions
  • Recommend a source selection award decision to the source selection authority

Course Topics

Source Selection Overview

  • Objective and Purpose of Source Selection
  • Source Selection Roles and Responsibilities
  • Steps in the Source Selection Process
  • Procurement Integrity

Source Selection Planning

  • Planning the Source Selection
  • Organizing and Staffing the SST
  • Selecting the Source Selection Methodology
  • Presolicitation Exchanges with Industry
  • Module Capstone: Source Selection Planning

Developing Evaluation Factors

  • Guidelines for Developing Evaluation Factors
  • Developing Noncost/Nonprice Evaluation Factors

Prepare and Issue the Solicitation

  • Solicitation Format
  • Preparing Proposal Instructions
  • Amendment of the Solicitation


  • Pre-Evaluation Activities
  • Evaluating Proposals
  • SSEB Evaluation Report
  • Module Capstone: Reviewing the SSEB Evaluation Report

Competitive Range and Discussions

  • Exchanges Between Offerors and the Government
  • Competitive Range
  • Conducting and Documenting Discussions

Selection and Award

  • Evaluating Final Proposals
  • Making and Documenting the Source Selection Decision
  • Determining Contractor Responsibility
  • Notifying Unsuccessful Offerors and Conducting Postaward Debriefings
  • Protests

Who should attend

This course is for personnel who are responsible for using FAR part 15 source selection procedures to successfully select the contractor that provides the best value to the government.

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