American Management Association

Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop

Available dates

Dec 11, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
USD 1245
USD 1245 per day
May 1, 2020
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1245
USD 1245 per day


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About the course

Learn how to keep your organization free of sexual misconduct and harassment Today’s news is overflowing with allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment across a wide range of industries and professions. Even the suggestion of such behavior can have far-reaching consequences—and many harassment situations have damaging and sometimes disastrous implications for both individuals and businesses. Attend this one-day course to help educate and prepare yourself and your team to prevent and address such occurrences in your organization.

How You Will Benefit

  • Define different forms of sexual harassment
  • Recognize a range of behaviors that courts define as inappropriate in the workplace
  • Know and describe your company’s policy regarding sexual harassment
  • Learn how to avoid management and company liability
  • Define the internal/external reporting process
  • Undertake education and policy development to improve your work environment

What You Will Cover

  • Learning when liability attaches
  • Defining when a defense is available
  • Recognizing improper management responses to sexual harassment
  • Defining retaliation and accountability
  • Identifying appropriate responses to an incident of sexual harassment
  • Describing ways to stop future harassment
  • Analyzing your company’s policy on harassment


Learning Objectives

  • Define Sexual Harassment
  • Recognize Different Forms of Sexual Harassment
  • Recognize a Range of Behaviors the Courts Have Determined to Be Inappropriate in the Workplace
  • Describe Your Company’s Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment and Reporting Procedures
  • Identify How Liability for Management Can Attach and Ways to Help Prevent Company Liability
  • State the Internal/External Reporting Process
  • Recognize How a Manager Can Improve the Work Environment Through Education and Policy Development and Make Employees Feel More Comfortable

What Is Sexual Harassment and How Is It Defined?

  • Define Sexual Harassment
  • Identify Distinct Forms of Sexual Harassment
  • Analyze Harassment Cases


  • Define Bullying
  • Describe the Bully
  • Understand the Target or Victim
  • List the Impact of Bullying
  • Recognize Examples of Bullying at Work
  • Identify What to Do If You Are Bullied

Harassment and Gender Identity

  • Define the Term Transgender
  • Review the History of Transgender Legislation
  • Examine the Impact of Transgender Harassment
  • Outline the Steps to Take If You Are a Victim

Manager Responsibilities

  • Identify When Liability Attaches
  • Define When a Defense Is Available
  • Describe What an Employer Can Do to Prevent Liability
  • Recognize Improper Management Responses to Sexual Harassment
  • Define Retaliation
  • Describe Accountability

Manager’s Action Plan

  • Describe Appropriate Responses to an Incident of Sexual Harassment
  • Identify Ways to Stop Future Harassment
  • Analyze Your Company’s Policy on Harassment

Who should attend

Managers who need to ensure that their teams understand what constitutes inappropriate behavior at work, as well as their responsibilities in maintaining a harassment-free workplace.

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