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Risk Management Internal Control and Fraud Prevention

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In the ever-changing business environment, encountering risks is inevitable. The ability to manage these increasingly significant risks now represents the difference between a thriving organisation and one that is struggling to deal with the challenges facing it.

To deal with these challenges requires extensive knowledge of risk management, effective internal control and proactive fraud prevention techniques. This is exactly what you will find in this course.

This Oxford training seminar will enable you to develop and deliver a systematic plan to strengthen your risk management, fraud prevention and internal control environment.

This Oxford training seminar will highlight:

  • The power of an integrated approach to risk management and internal control
  • A proven approach to grab management's attention regarding risk and control
  • A simple method to reduce unnecessary controls
  • How to develop an effective fraud prevention strategy


After completing this Oxford training course you will be able to:

  • Ensure your organisation has an effective balance between risk and internal control
  • Explain to management the benefits of an enterprise-wide approach to risk and internal control
  • Apply the different techniques for identifying and managing risks
  • Ensure that preventative, detective and corrective controls are in place
  • Link risk management and internal control into the business planning process
  • Implement an effective fraud prevention process
  • Promote a culture of integrity and ethics across the organisation

Training Methodology

This is a basic/intermediate level course and delegates are not required to have any previous experience in risk management or fraud prevention to attend Delegates should have a good educational standard and/or a professional qualification No advance preparation is required Delivery method- Group-live (with exercises and role-plays to stimulate audit scenarios and situations that assurance professionals will encounter) A short examination will be given at the end of the course

Organisational Impact

This Oxford training course will benefit organisations in all business sectors. It will provide the basis for implementing an integrated risk management, internal control and fraud prevention infrastructure. The financial and operational benefits will be significant.

The training course will enable organisational knowledge to be enhanced in the following areas:

  • Enhancing the current risk management process
  • Developing a more effective approach to deal with emerging events
  • Structuring the internal control process to focus on both business and fraud risks
  • Building a better appreciation of critical internal controls
  • Identification and simplification of overlapping processes
  • Developing a structured fraud prevention strategy

Personal Impact

The training course will enable delegates to enhance their personal knowledge in the following disciplines:

  • Simplification of complex processes
  • Learning why internal controls will not always protect you
  • Internationally recognised risk management strategies
  • Delivering enhanced benefits by linking risk, control and fraud prevention into one seamless process

Who should attend

This Oxford training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Risk Managers
  • Business Managers in line functions
  • Audit Managers and other auditors
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Managing needing a broader understanding a risk and internal control
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