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Improving Communications

Résumé Writing, Networking, & Interviewing Workshop

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May 2
New York, NY, USA
USD 831
USD 831 per day
Nov 6
New York, NY, USA
USD 831
USD 831 per day





It’s time to move on—or maybe you’ve been “in transition” for too long. Either way, you need some input so that you know what others see when they look at your résumé, and what they hear when they interview you.

Participants will engage in a training session to improve and refine their résumés. Opportunities to engage in one-on-one Résumé Building & Review sessions can be offered as well.

Part I

  • Data Collection and Organization – assessing work/activities and IMPACT (results)
  • Success Story Format (Situation, Action, Results)
  • Writing With Impact – how to tie actions to results
  • Choosing The Right Words – transferable skills and powerful words
  • Sales 101 – How will these skills benefit the hiring person’s organization?

Part II

  • UB4I Writing (“YOU”/ “YOUR,” not “I,” “me,” “my”)
  • Reference list
  • Principles of networking
  • Cover Letter and Résumé Formats – margins, font, type size, small caps, etc. Role Play – Mock Interviews

Participants will be able to:

  • Create a complete and correct résumé, a marketing device to attract attention, generate interest, describe accomplishments, and invite contact.
  • Discover, correct, and improve self-marketing messages, leading to a systematic assessment of specific work-related skills.
  • Examine transferable skills and increase personal alignment with prospective organizational mission and goals.

Format—Résumé Writing, Networking, & Interviewing Workshop is an 8-hour class for up to 10 people.

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American Management Association

Business Writing Made Simple

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Next dates

May 13
New York, New York, United States
USD 1245
USD 1245 per day
Jun 3
Arlington, Virginia, United States
USD 1245
USD 1245 per day
Jul 15
New York, New York, United States
USD 1245
USD 1245 per day
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In just one day, sharpen your skills to convey credibility and get results.

Your writing says a lot about you. Weak writing can be a sign that you lack professionalism and credibility. Strong writing conveys that you are skilled and trustworthy. This practical 1-day course comes packed with in-class exercises and offers immediate feedback to help you quickly develop this crucial skill. Learn a simple process for crafting a clear and concise message and get hands-on practice writing for the results you want—in the correct tone—and with complete clarity and precision. You’ll also review correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, and learn to avoid common problems in business communications.

How You Will Benefit

  • Write clear, concise, and effective documents that get real results
  • Get through writer’s block and finish a draft quickly
  • Choose the right words to set the right tone
  • Persuade resistant readers to act on your recommendations
  • Deliver difficult messages in tactful ways
  • Avoid common grammar, punctuation, and writing errors

What You Will Cover

  • Understanding the basics of effective business writing
  • Pinpointing your purpose and desired results
  • Writing well at the document, paragraph, sentence, and word levels
  • Creating drafts that project the right tone
  • Getting through writer’s block by harnessing the P-O-W-E-R writing process
  • Writing a persuasive business case
  • Delivering bad news and unpopular messages
  • Developing an action plan to keep you growing as a writer

Learning Objectives

  • Write Simply in Ways That Get Real Results
  • Get Through Writer’s Block and Finish a Draft Quickly
  • Choose the Right Words to Set the Right Tone
  • Persuade Resistant Readers to Act on Your Recommendations
  • Deliver Bad News and Unpopular Messages in Tactful Ways
  • Avoid Common Grammar, Punctuation, and Writing Errors

An Approach for Writing Simply

  • Describe Three Measures of Effective Business Writing
  • Describe Seven Rules for Writing Simply
  • Use the SMART Model for Writing Simple Messages
  • Avoid Common Business Writing Problems

Seven Rules for Writing Simply

  • Understand and Apply Rules for Writing Simply—at the Document, Paragraph, Sentence and Word Levels
  • Understand and Avoid Common Errors in Grammar and Punctuation—Overwriting, Faulty Parallelism, Missing Commas, and Comma Splices

Writing Simply in Difficult Situations

  • Follow the P-O-W-E-R Writing Process to Get Through Writer’s Block
  • Apply Tips for Simplifying Complex Information
  • Use the Indirect Approach for Delivering Bad News
  • Write a Persuasive Business Case

Who should attend

All professionals who want to learn and practice a fast, simple, proven approach to essential and effective business writing.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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