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Oxford Management Centre

Project Execution: Design, Procurement, Construct & Start-Up

Sep 29—Oct 3, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day

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Many organizations execute wide range of Projects and often struggle to implement a consistent approach to Project Execution and ensuring sustainable Project Success. The right Project execution methods and approaches will ensure the right deliverables, right output, right outcome, right benefit, right value creation for the organizations, enhancing competitive advantage and leverage their market position. Design integrity, sustainable Procurement route, constructability and initial Start-Up of the Project are underpinned by successful Project Execution methods.

Front-end studies of a Project are useful input when identifying the best risk-reward sharing mechanism during Procurement phase, construct sequence and subsequently the readiness level of the initial Start-Up period. Design phase which feeds in to the Procurement and Construct phase will ensure any errors and gaps are identified much earlier to enhance Projects Execution and preparedness level for Start-Up activities.

This highly-interactive training course will focus on how to achieve a flawless project execution. Delegates would be able to clearly connect between design and start up phases through value led procurement and efficient construct when executing project.

This training course will feature:

  • Understanding of the principles and fundamentals of Project Execution methods and approaches
  • Awareness of the requirements for integrating Design, Procurement, Construct and Start-up phases in a structured approach
  • Appreciation of industry wide recognised Project Management Frameworks and Standards for Project Execution
  • Recognition and understanding of how to manage the Design, Procurement, Construct and Start-Up phases expectations effectively and successfully
  • How to execute Design, Procurement, Construct and Start-Up phases taking a Project Life Cycle and collaborative approaches
  • How to use and apply consistently Project Execution processes, tools and techniques


By this end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Know how to Execute a Project successfully
  • Appreciate how to execute Design, Procurement, Construct and ensure successful Start-Up using a structured phase by phase Project Execution approach
  • Know where are the gaps and omissions in the Design, Procurement, Construct and Start-Up phases
  • Understand how to manage the requirements and expectations at various interfaces during Project Execution
  • Apply Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria for an effective Project Execution
  • Manage seamless coordination and transition from the Design to Procurement to Construct and to Start-Up phases


This training course will be delivered using current Project Management frameworks and standards transferable to any industry, sector and domains for successful Project Execution. Project Execution success exemplars and case studies would be used. A coaching approach will be taken throughout this Training course delivery.

Participants will be coached and guided through the complete Project Life cycle, learn and familiar with the Project Execution terminologies, definitions, processes, process groups, tools, techniques including how to manage the various stakeholder interfaces from Design, Procurement, Construct and Start-Up during Project Execution. Learning will also be facilitated and enriched by the pool of knowledge and experience of participants. Videos would be used to ease the understanding of how Project Execution is approached in real life. Our delivery method will be engaging and witty based on real life experiences.


Organisation will be able to expand and enhance their capacity in effective and successful Project Execution by:

  • Improved and sustainable projects executability capability
  • Coordinated and harmonised multiple tasks, multiple interfaces and multiple execution in multiple projects
  • Elevated projects execution methods consistency
  • Successful resources prioritisation and optimization during projects execution


Delegates will be able to increase their skill sets and competencies in:

  • Projects execution A to Z
  • Understand the clear characteristics of risk during project execution
  • How to execute projects using a structures approach and linking effectively and successfully with all project phases, deliverables and outcomes
  • Applying projects execution tools and techniques effectively
  • Gaps analysis and mitigation between planning and resources optimisation to ensure projects executability
  • Developing high quality stage gate decisions and criteria during execution phase


Day1 - Project Execution Fundamentals

  • Project Execution nuts and bolts, why we are still not getting it right?
  • Phase by phase approach for Project Execution
  • Industry recognised Project Execution tools and techniques
  • Current gaps and challenges in Project Execution
  • Hard Issues and Soft Issues in Project Execution

Day2 - Design Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Pre-Project Planning studies
  • Gaps identification and analysis during Project Initiation and Conceptualization phase
  • How the Design Phase will influence the likelihood of Project Execution success
  • Key Considerations to ensure Design Phase integrity
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria for the Design Phase

Day3 - Procurement Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Different types of Procurement route and its impact to Project Execution
  • Effective Risk and Reward sharing mechanism to enhance Project Execution
  • How the Procurement Phase will influence the likelihood of Project Execution success
  • Key Considerations to ensure Procurement Phase integrity and feasibility
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria for the Procurement Phase

Day4 - Construction Phase and Impact to Project Execution

  • Constructability and where are the existing gaps
  • Why Constructability is still a challenge for many Organizations
  • How to overcome these challenges during Project Execution
  • Constructability key performance indicators and Success Criteria
  • Effective Control and Monitoring tools and techniques during the Construct phase

Day5 - The Start-Up Phase

  • Bringing it together the Design, Procurement and Construct phases to ensure successful Start-Up phase
  • Managing the interfaces in the Project Life Cycle to enhance Project Execution success rate
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and initial Start-Up gaps and challenges
  • Enhancing the Preparedness and Readiness Level of the Asset or Plant
  • How the Project Execution success will influence the likelihood of Start-Up
  • Key Considerations to ensure Start-Up Phase integrity and feasibility
  • Key Performance Indicators and Success Criteria for the Start-Up Phase

Who should attend

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals:

  • Professionals from any disciplines, sectors and industries aspiring to learn about Project Execution Fundamentals and Principles
  • Project Professionals/Project Manager/Project Teams/Project Executives
  • Project Design Teams
  • Business-As-Usual Teams/Operations Executives
  • Any Departmental/Functional Professionals and Teams
  • Consulting/Contracting/Procurement Department Professionals and Teams
  • Any aspirants and would-be Project Professionals of any Phase of the Project Life Cycle from Design, Procurement and Start-Up

Next dates

Sep 29—Oct 3, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 4950
USD 990 per day

How it works

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