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Power Negotiations: Unlock Your Powers of Influence and Persuasion

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About the course

Power in Negotiation is a characteristic a negotiator must earn before they arrive at the table. To have power is to control the variables which could manipulate the negotiation in favor of the position who has command over the facts which could alter a negotiation. Having money to spend, or, owning the asset up for sale gives you degrees of power but knowing how much the other side will pay or how much is in their budget as well as being able to shift to an alternate product or materials can leave the other side wanting. Doing your preparation properly before arriving at the table will avail such a power position. Items discussed which will avail this kind of power to the buyer or the seller comes from many of the items discussed on the session.

These include:

Understanding the foundational tenants of proper negotiations

Learning how to create various negotiation checklists; materials, services, commodities, equipment, IT hardware and software and construction

Understanding the power and influence of a person in a negotiation

Checklist to assess each participants levels of influence

Keeping the clock on your side of the table

How to maintain control through the negotiation agenda

Generating specific negotiation L-O-B's for price and non-price items

Creating negotiation documentation; a negotiation summary for management, a negotiation post-mortem, and a negotiation memorandum for file summary

Conducting a negotiation exercise.

Who should attend

New buyers, sales representatives, sales managers, supply chain managers, warehouse supervisors, contract managers, operations managers and other general managers and supervisors.

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William Agee

Prior to starting his own firm in 1991, William Agee, C.P.M., C.E.M, CMN, CPE, CPP, CPIM, SSBB, was a vice president in a large international management, consulting, and educational firm specializing in world class education, financial reviews and audits, procurement service, quality management, ...


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