Persuasion – How to Sell ice to Eskimos

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Being persuasive clearly requires more than logic or content. This seminar enables participants to profit from the science and technology behind persuasion. It reveals the essence of what it is that makes us embrace ideas. There are two methods of persuasion, irrational and rational: irrational by simply agreeing, and rational, by thinking. Irrational persuasion is studied by social psychologists who provide us with powerful predictors for pliability. People can also be persuaded rationally, by logic and content. Both ways of persuasion will be addressed by Dr. Pacelle van Goethem's revolutionary hypothesis addressing what happens in the brain during persuasion and covering what people need to be persuasive. Find out what works for you. You will gain insight into persuasive design: how the persuasive styles work and how you can strategize persuasion. Furthermore you will get highly powerful insights and behaviors that can be applied instantly as persuasion techniques. These techniques were extracted by Pacelle and her team, among others, by extensively studying the most successful influencers in speeches, meetings and conversations. Some of the techniques will be presented as ultra-short exercises to find out quickly if they work for you. This all may sound too good to be true, but time and time again we hear how excited people get when they discover how persuasion works, what persuasive style they have, and how fast the mentioned sophisticated techniques can be learned. Most of all they are exited about how applying the techniques have made them be heard. We hope to meet you in one of the seminars as well.

Time Allocation - Topics

20% Theory: The Brain & Persuasion

  • Irrationality and persuasion, important socio-psychological findings
  • The brain and persuasion
  • Hypothesis on the spectacular role of relaxation
  • Pacelle’s Model of Influence©

20%The Persuasion Method©

  • The 3 Persuasive Styles©: Authority, Friend & Role Model
  • Recognizing your personal style
  • The Persuasion Test
  • Advantages of your style & how to overcome the disadvantages
  • The method: Insight in your persuasive possibilities
  • Strategy: manage role expectations and work around style-disadvantages

30% Maximize persuasive power

  • Mastering the styles: Insight in the best practices of influential people
  • (1) Persuade as an Authority : Improve your credibility and impact
  • (2) Persuade as a Friend: Win people over effectively
  • (3) Persuade as a Role Model: Use your non-conformism and uniqueness
  • Instant-charisma: Pacelle's famous 2-minute King-exercise©

20% Extra insights

  • Psychological persuasion: Navigate irrationality and get agreement
  • Persuasive content: The best arguments, the structuring of content and the power of words

10% Strategic Persuasive Design

  • Insights & Immediate 1 minute exercise-practice
  • Film & Video-fragments
  • Personal Choice of tips


Primary Commitment, Communication, Creativeness, Decisiveness, Developmental Perspective, Empathy, Interpersonal Relations

Secondary Use of Authority, Delegation, Direction, Coordination, Guidance

Tertiary Generate and Obtain Plan Support

Trust the experts

Pacelle Van Goethem

Pacelle van Goethem, president and founder of Pacelle van Goethem Persuasion, is recognized as the leading Dutch expert in the field of Persuasion, Influence and Voice. Her bestselling book on the psychology of persuasion, IJs verkopen aan Eskimo’s, is considered to be the Dutch standard work on ...


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