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Impact Factory


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About the course

Discover how people see you, how perceptions are made and how to make the impact you choose

This one-day Personal Impact Course is devoted to understanding how you impact on others.

It's an intensive course that includes key elements of our Communication, Presentation, Assertiveness and Influencing programmes.

It's designed to bring these elements together to give you a real experience of the Impact you make and how to choose the Impact you want.

The emphasis is on creating insight, increasing confidence and raising self-esteem.

Course Objectives:

  • How 'Making an Impact' Works
  • Your Impact on Others
  • Feeling and Assumptions
  • Why Things can go Wrong
  • Improving Your Impact
  • Rules and Conventions
  • Speaking Your Mind
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Personal Boundaries

Course Content

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates.

We will include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.

Making an Impact

An in-depth look at what makes an impact and how people impact on one another. Followed by a breakdown of the components that go into making an impact.

Style and Strengths

You'll give a short analysis of your personal style and what works for you, paying particular attention to how you think you impact on others.

You will get feedback from your colleagues on what else they think would work for you.

We will then look at what can prevent you from making the Impact you want?


This exercise specifically recreates the feelings that people have when they have to do something they find particularly difficult.

What happens to people when they are in an uncomfortable or new situation?

We then look at the ingrained behaviours associated with those feelings.

Personal Boundaries

This section deals with personal space boundaries as well as internal issues that people would rather not talk about. It is particularly useful for people who have a hard (if not impossible) time saying no.

It's also helpful for people who find it difficult to set priorities because of other people's demands.


A look at the assumptions we make automatically and how they affect the way we behave.


As a tool for defusing polarised arguments.

60 Seconds of Passion

This is a chance for each participant to look at the power of expression and just how much they limit themselves in that expression.

60 Seconds of Silence

This exercise allows the participants to experience the dynamic of silence and to see how they react to it.

Presence Exercise

This is an awareness exercise to help deal with self-consciousness.

Everyday Objects

An exercise to stretch the capacity to communicate non-verbally.

First Impressions

A group exercise where each person gets to practise a variety of first impressions.


A group exercise looking at the words we use habitually and an exploration of how the choice of language can ensure a specific response.

This is followed by an individual exercise to demonstrate the effect of the deliberate use of emotive words.

Persuasion, Motivation and Inspiration

An individual exercise where you choose a work-related subject you feel strongly about and make a presentation about it.

Using the work of the day to consolidate your message with the aim of persuading, inspiring and motivating others.

Support Plan

Each person will identify:

  • What they know they will use.
  • What they are taking away from the course.
  • Where they will practise.

We will give out Impact Factory documents to support the course.

You'll get copies relevant handouts to remind you of the coursework.

Ongoing Support

Two weeks after the course, one of your trainers will call to see how you are getting on.

You will have email and telephone access to both of your trainers.

You'll also have access to a course web page containing:

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos


Maria Peters

Maria Peters is what you might call a creative idiot... In a good way.  She comes to us with a background in radio broadcasting, comedy improvisation and education program design. The common thread woven throughout Maria’s working life is her intrinsic love of people. In particular, the psychol...

Sarah Dawrant

From political speech writing to stand-up comedy, from marketing to project management, from strategic planning to coaching, from a degree in Sociology to a diploma in public relations Sarah has packed a lot into her life already.   Originally from Canada, Sarah has lived in the UK since 2009, ...

Dom Kracmar

Dom is a born and bred North Londoner, and possibly the only actual Crouch Ender in Crouch End. After studying Politics in Manchester, he trained as an actor at LAMDA (the one that’s better than RADA) and worked for a few years as a TV and stage actor, as well as trying his hand at directing pla...

Katy Miller

Katy has been at Impact Factory for seven years and brings a wealth of life experience to her work here. From performing in the West End and at the National Theatre, to teaching and directing drama students, to running a franchise of a national pre-school music programme, her ability to adapt to...

Caitlin Shannon

Transatlantic travel is a piece of cake for Caitlin. She was born to British-American parents and had a transatlantic upbringing, moving frequently between London and Los Angeles.  Further education earned her a BA honours degree in English literature at Manchester University, and true to her t...

Bill Sheehan

  “I’ve always been fascinated by people.  The things we say and don’t say, the things we mean and the motivations behind them.  It constantly amazes me how intricate and subtle our interactions are.  Somehow, most of the time, we are able to understand each other and interact effectively. Equa...

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Personal Impact Course - one day at Impact Factory

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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