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NUS Institute of Systems Science

NICF- Business Agility Bootcamp

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May 30—31
2 days
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 1926 ≈USD 1419
SGD 963 per day
Sep 2—3
2 days
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 1926 ≈USD 1419
SGD 963 per day
Nov 21—22
2 days
SGD 1926 ≈USD 1419
SGD 963 per day
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Business agility refers to the ability of an organisation to succeed in a rapidly changing environment, by providing the required culture and supporting practices. Business agility builds upon practices that are widely used in software development to improve efficiency and speed to market and innovation.

The benefits of enhanced agility include higher revenues, more satisfied customers and employees, improved operational efficiency and faster time-to-market.

Business agility, hence, must be addressed organisation-wide and not be limited to IT, although IT serves as the key enabler of digital transformation. Agile organisations that are effective are both stable (resilient, reliable and efficient) and dynamic (fast, nimble and adaptive). Research shows that stability and dynamism are significant catalysts for organisational health and performance. Agile organisations also appear to be better at innovation, according to the best research.

This course will present the importance of business agility in relation to digital transformation and provide guidance on extending Agile practices across the organisation. A proven approach for establishing an Agile organisational culture will be discussed. We will discuss best practices for managing change as the organisation carries out its transition from the current to the desired Agile state.

This course is designed for use in a Bootcamp, which can be tailored for specific organisational needs.

Key Takeaways

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand business agility and how to apply it suitably within digital transformation mission
  • Become customer-centric and innovative with best practices from design thinking
  • Lead Agile transformation initiatives
  • Extend Agile practices to the organisation beyond IT
  • Define compelling Agile transformation vision, objectives and measures for success
  • Manage organisational change in the transition to agility

What Will Be Covered

  • Business agility and its importance in digital transformation
  • Reality check: Know where you are
  • Leadership in an Agile organisation
  • Leadership case study (video and discussion)
  • Extending Agile practices to the organisation beyond IT

Who should attend

Managers, leaders and C-level executives from organisations looking to achieve business agility


Jamie, a dual citizen of the UK and NZ, has spent over 20 years improving the business value of IT Services for public and private organisations in the UK, Australia and South East Asia. His experience spans the full spectrum of IT functions including: IT Strategy and Governance Business Develo...
Peng Wei is currently the Chief of Information & Technology (IT) Strategy & Management Practice at the Institute of System Science (ISS), National University of Singapore. He has more than 30 years of working experience in Business and Technology Services. He begin his teaching career wit...
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