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Vlerick Business School Executive Education

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Nov 26, 2019—Mar 17, 2020
5 daysModules info
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 4495 ≈USD 5012
EUR 899 per day
Mar 11—Sep 29, 2020
5 daysModules info
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 4495 ≈USD 5012
EUR 899 per day


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About the course

dentify and implement opportunities that will take your business to new levels If you want to grow your business, you need to constantly be on the look-out for new opportunities. But this is only half the challenge. Once you identify an opportunity, you need to be able to turn it into a concrete project, implement it, make it sustainable – and ultimately, make it profitable.

New Business Development shows you which avenues can help you grow in a sustainable way. You’ll gain insights into strategies for growth – including developing new products and services, defining new business models, reaching new customers and setting up strategic partnerships.

We’ll give you the tools to develop a sound business plan and the confidence to pitch your idea to management. We’ll give you advice on how to structure your proposal, make a plan and build the right team to move it forward. You’ll present your ideas during sounding board sessions – and get valuable feedback from faculty, peers and your colleague or supervisor.

Through a combination of lectures, real-life cases, guest speakers and coaching, you’ll become more entrepreneurial – and get the knowledge and skills you need to make a real contribution to your organisation’s growth.


This programme helps you develop the knowledge and skills you need to identify the best opportunities to grow your business – and turn them into reality.

Over five days, you'll

  • Become an expert in evaluating and explaining an idea's potential
  • Develop a robust business plan - and the confidence to pitch it
  • Cultivate a more entrepreneurial mindset
  • Gain insights into the tools that help with new business developmentch


'New Business Development' is a 5-day programme:

Module 1: Defining roads for growth

What is ‘Business Development’ and why do you need to invest in it?

What can you learn from innovators and entrepreneurs?

What tools can help you identify opportunities for growth?

How can you systematically map growth opportunities-including:

  • New products or services:
    • Listening to customers and identifying their needs
  • Strategic partnerships:
    • When to look for partners
    • Topportunities and the risks of strategic partnerships
  • New sales channels:
    • Developing new sales channels to expand your market
  • New business models:
    • Business model thinking as a source of new opportunities
    • Learning from new and disruptive business models
    • Creating and capturing value by turning ideas into business models

What are the key risks associated with these growth strategies?

Module 2: Analysing and validating your growth opportunities

  • How do you conduct market research, assess your competitive advantage and evaluate whether your idea is feasible?
  • How can you test new business ideas more efficiently and effectively?
  • How can you map the financials of your new business idea?

Module 3: Writing your business plan and delivering your elevator pitch

  • How do you deliver a confident eleator pitch?
  • What are the building blocks of a good business plan?
  • How can you write a business plan that convinces others to back your idea?
  • What are the dos and don'ts of writing a business plan?

Module 4: Organising for execution

  • What key steps should you follow to implement your idea?
  • How do you allocate resources?
  • How can you organise internally for execution?
  • How canyou successfully manage a team and move your idea forward?


Throughout New Business Development, you’ll use a number of practical tools to build your business case and start to turn the theory you learn in classroom into practice. They’ll also give you the skills to go back to your organisation and share best practice with your colleagues.

Turn knowledge into action at sounding board sessions

To really make an impact, you need to be able to put what you’ve learned into practice. So this programme goes far beyond the classroom. After finishing the modules, you’ll take part in two sounding board sessions, where you’ll get coaching from our faculty to refine your business plan and sharpen your elevator pitch.

Session one (one month after the programme): Refine your pitch and present your initial market research into your business opportunity.

Session two(three months after the programme): Develop a full business case so you can get your management on board with your project.

Develop your idea with your sparring partner

If you want to turn your idea into a concrete project, you need a sponsor in your organisation. That's why we ask you to choose an internal sparring partner to join you at the sounding board sessions and help you refine your approach. This could be your manager- or a colleague who's committe to your project.

Learn from guest speakers

Hearing how other professionals hav explored and implemented new business opportunities is a great way to learn. We bring together guests spreakers from diverse sectors and industries to share their experiences with you. There's a good mix of start-ups and corporates to give you plenty of food for thought.

Each edition of the programme has different guest speakers. We've previously welcomed...

Who should attend

The 'New Business Development' programme serves managers and entrepreneurs responsible for growing their business in a sustainable way.

Trust the experts

Miguel Meuleman

Miguel is focusing on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. He is passionate about the process and people behind new venture ideas.Miguel Meuleman studies how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs successfully identify and exploit new opportunities. He looks at different aspects of the new v...


Veroniek Collewaert

Veroniek Collewaert obtained her PhD in Applied Economic Sciences from Ghent University in 2009. She was a visiting scholar at Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA) in 2007-2008. After having worked at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) for three years, she now works at the entrepreneur...


Peter De Prins

Peter is a passionate teacher and executive coach, delivering inspiring experiences and taking you on a journey of impactful insights that ultimately result in an increase of your personal and professional performance.Peter De Prins is Professor of Management Practice. He is recognised as a dynam...


Fredrik Hacklin

And over 30,000 online and printed journals + well-known business databases like Bloomberg, Euromonitor,... available for you. Fredrik Hacklin is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School and Managing Director of the Corporate Innovation Lab. He further serves as Associate Professo...


Cédric Donck

And over 30,000 online and printed journals + well-known business databases like Bloomberg, Euromonitor,... available for you. Cédric Donck is an experienced entrepreneur, who launched various start-ups in the internet and communication sector. He also sold some of these start-ups to major intern...


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