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Fels Institute of Government


Sep 6—Dec 6, 2019
8 daysModules info
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
USD 14488
USD 1811 per day

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To influence public policy you need analytical skills to discover optimal solutions to problems, and good negotiation skills to tailor implementable solutions that address the needs and priorities of multiple stakeholders. What resources you want to invest, whom you engage in discussions, and what you expect to receive in return are open to explicit and implicit negotiations.

This course will provide a working understanding of key negotiations concepts, including:

  • Strategic elements of negotiations: interests, goals, positions, rights, power, value creation, high stakes, disputes
  • Preparation for and the details of negotiation processes
  • Ethical encounters and conundrums
  • Leveraging your strengths/understanding your negotiating personality

You will learn cooperative and competitive strategies, have a solid grasp of the decision-making science of negotiation, and better understand cognitive processes and emotional dynamics that affect the ways people negotiate.


Naomi is the Chief of Staff to the Superintendent and Chief Talent Officer at the School District of Philadelphia. In those roles, she is responsible for creating a culture of change that leads to an equitable and functional school system for the 130,000 children in traditional public schools in ...