Negotiating and Influencing Skills That win Results

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Negotiating is a skill that everyone needs because throughout our lives we face situations that require us to communicate correctly, whether it's buyi...


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Who should attend

This course is ideal for team leads, supervisors, specialists, managers, directors, and other professionals who need to influence and negotiate with diverse people in their job roles.

About the course

Having the confidence to ask for what you want, regardless of your level of authority, is a powerful skill with many benefits: improved productivity, stronger relationships, better solutions, and career resiliency to adapt to change.

This engaging course will build your negotiating and influencing skills quickly, using simulations, case studies, debates, videos, self-assessments, discussion, individual and group activities, and instructor and peer feedback. It will challenge you to learn and apply proven influencing techniques and principled negotiation strategies in real-time to plan, strategize, and respond quickly in a variety of settings: virtually, in-person, and hybrid.

Special Learning Features

  • Negotiating assessment: Learn more about your unique negotiating style and how to succeed with difficult and demanding negotiators
  • Planning checklists: Prepare more efficiently for conducting crucial influencing conversations and negotiations to expect the unexpected with confidence
  • Messaging Templates: Organize ideas, information, and sensitive messages with a clear focus on results
  • Simulations: Real-time conversations and negotiations that challenge you to practice and experiment with course principles and practices in a confidential setting
  • Videos: Watch, observe, and critique other influencers and negotiators to further develop your observation skills
  • Articles and Case Studies: Read and discuss contemporary issues and practices you can apply to your own influencing and negotiating situations
  • Collaboration: Participate in discussions and breakout activities with your peers to network and expand your knowledge base

Top Take-Aways

  • Develop a practical understanding of four key negotiations processes
  • Create win/win outcomes with others
  • Increase negotiating effectiveness based on the latest principles and best practices
  • Use time more wisely when planning to influence and negotiate
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the other negotiator(s) to your advantage
  • Communicate and use power effectively when influencing and negotiating
  • Increase your awareness and adaptability regarding multi-generational and cultural differences in negotiations

Course content details

Negotiating and Influencing Skills That Win Results

The Process of Influencing

  • How it differs from informing
  • The four phases of effective influence
  • Key principles and best practices

Using Your Personal Power to Influence

  • Where does your personal power come from?
  • Influencing strategies and tactics:
    • With authority
    • Without authority
    • Multi-generational guidelines
    • Cross-cultural tips

Negotiating as an Influencing Process

  • The four stages of a negotiation
  • Planning effectively for negotiation success:
    • Critical Checklist
    • Essential Terminology

Negotiating styles: Yours and Others’ Styles

  • The 5 styles: strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening your style
  • Identifying and engaging other styles
  • Winning strategies

Succeeding in Competitive Negotiations

  • Using the “forcing” style wisely in person and virtually
  • Having a position-based focus
  • Applying and managing hard-ball negotiating tactics
  • Knowing when and how to walk away

Succeeding in Collaborative Negotiations

  • Understanding the contradictions of a “collaborative” mindset
  • Focusing on interests for win-win results
  • Encouraging and managing “constructive disagreement” successfully
  • Knowing how to build trust virtually as well as in person


Gail Levitt

Gail Levitt, president of Levitt Communications Inc., is an influential leadership facilitator, coach and mentor with a unique approach that engages and inspires participants to learn and apply both theory and practice for peak performance. Gail offers a wide range of influential leadership topic...

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Negotiating and Influencing Skills That win Results at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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During Negotiations courses, you will learn the following components of negotiations: planning negotiations and useful tools, starting your conversation, working out objections and competent argumentation, imposing your own price and conversation dev...

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