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About the course

Age is much more than a number - with each generation, distinct events, circumstances and other influences impact work behavior, expectations, values and attitudes. The workplace often brings these differences into sharp focus, and today’s workforce has more generations working together than ever before. With so many generations represented, the potential for conflict and confusion is a major challenge for leaders and their teams.

This highly interactive program will address best practices, requisite skill building, and confidence needed to guide participants in bringing the generations together. Collaborative tools, approaches, and social learning methods integrated in this session will model those found in today’s competitive, agile, and connected multi-generational workplaces.


  • Beyond benefits of a multi-generational work team: Analysis of multi-generational strengths, motivations, cultures and values
  • Generational influences and shifts: Bridging multi-generational differences to deliver business value
  • The successful multi-generational team: Behaviors that contribute to a vibrant, respectful, and healthy social-emotional atmosphere
  • Green light go: Facilitating knowledge transfer within a multi-generational workforce
  • Leading the charge: Managerial skills, competencies, and tools to lead and retain multi-generational employees
  • Rethink: Benefit of changing learning work environment to include more social learning methods
  • The business case for addressing multi-generational dynamics: Impact on the bottom line

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

  • Understand generational profiles and unique worldview
  • Identify strategies to bridge difference among, and work more effectively with, cross generations
  • Apply multi-generational leadership concepts to organization, team, and self
  • Gain insights into how an inclusive multi-generational work culture leads to business success
  • Facilitate new conversations on emerging trends (i.e. techniques, concepts, models) in the multi-generational workforce
  • Enhance appreciation for multi-generational added value
  • Identify strategies for enhancing multi-generational impact

Who should attend

This experiential program is designed for supervisors, team leaders and aspiring leaders

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Michael Walton

Consulting and facilitating Organizational Development, Teambuilding, Leadership and Workforce Development have been Michael's primary professional endeavors for most of the past 30 years. Michael is a highly skilled and sensitive facilitator, and has worked effectively with corporate and commun...


Diana Bilimoria

An expert in how leadership development can transform individuals, groups, and organizations, Diana Bilimoria, PhD, is KeyBank Professor, chair and professor of organizational behavior. Bilimoria’s research focuses on gender and diversity in governance and leadership and organizational transforma...


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