Meeting the Leadership Challenge

Sauder School of Business

Sauder School of Business


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Who should attend

This program is for senior managers, directors and Vice Presidents with approximately five to seven years of managerial experience, or others identified by their organizations as high-potential leaders.

About the course

Great leadership starts with the self. This is never more true than when the path ahead is clouded by uncertainty, as witnessed by the current Covid crisis. It is times like these when organizations most need strong, empathetic and effective leaders: leaders who can truly understand themselves and are thus better equipped to understand and support others through difficult times.

This transformational program will guide you through a powerful journey of self-discovery. Take a deep dive into yourself, to uncover your personal emotions and responses to crisis and uncertainty. Parlay your self-awareness into a deeper sense of what it means to be a leader, and gain practical skills for managing people and situations more effectively. Emerge with the wisdom, competence and confidence needed to steer your organization through challenging times with empathy, understanding and strength.

Online program format

In view of the current crisis, the program is delivered 100% online. But learning online does not mean learning alone! The experiential, multi-layered format is designed to balance quiet reflection time with faculty-led discovery, virtual coaching and active collaboration with colleagues. You will also have access to self-directed resources (readings, videos, self-assessments etc.) that you can review at any time.

Benefits for you

  • Define your personal values as a leader, and create harmony between your vision, goals and actions
  • Develop the self-confidence and calm, compassionate mind that characterize great leaders
  • Manage stress and emotional toxicity to sustain your energies for the long haul
  • Improve essential skills in coaching, communication, creativity and leadership influence
  • Radiate leadership from yourself outward
  • Support your people’s emotional wellbeing, and inspire them to strive for excellence
  • Become a key driver of organizational change and transformation

Benefits for your organization

  • Develop your internal leadership pipeline and strengthen company succession planning
  • Enrich the organization’s collective leadership vision, for superior decision making
  • Promote peak performance and lasting change through inspirational leadership
  • Grow company-specific leadership capabilities, as participants work on applied projects chosen from their own organizations
  • Fill critical knowledge and performance gaps
  • Build an organizational culture of leadership, development and mentorship

The learning journey

Applied real-world project: you will identify a specific leadership challenge you are currently experiencing, and develop strategies and skills to meet that challenge effectively.

Faculty engagement: program faculty will stimulate your learning by offering “state of the science” concepts and by asking questions that will challenge you to stretch beyond your current horizons.

Small group work: you will have rich online opportunities to reflect, share and work with your fellow participants in projects, experiential exercises and case studies.

Individual coaching: you will meet with your coach before, during and after the program to deepen your learning and ensure long-term application and impact.

Reflective practice: finding the time to reflect is often a challenge for busy leaders. In this program, you will be given space and time to think deeply about your own development and how you can support the development of others.

Peer support: you will join peer networks to share experiences, engage in creative conversations, and give and receive coaching support. Experience has shown that these networks are often the most impactful aspect of the journey, and that participants frequently develop relationships that last long after the program has ended.

Leadership embodiment: as self-awareness encompasses the physical as well as the cognitive, you will practice methods for relaxation, breathing and physical movement.

One-on-one faculty accessibility: MTLC thought leaders will be present throughout the program to engage in one-to-one conversations, answer your questions and offer support.

Program content

While exact topics evolve based on participant needs and interests, sample topics might include:

What is leadership and how is it different in times of crisis?

  • Expanding your understanding of effective leadership
  • The four frames of leadership

Leading yourself: who am I as a leader and what do I stand for?

  • Analyzing your leadership orientation and values, creating a personal vision
  • Sources of interference that are limiting your performance, diagnosing what you need to change to be a more successful leader
  • Enhancing clarity and presence to build self-confidence and trustworthiness

Creating balance

  • Linking balance to core values and decisions for action
  • Mobilizing courage and resilience in a chaotic environment

Leadership presence and embodiment

  • Reawakening the body and quieting the mind to open pathways to wisdom and resilience
  • The role of vulnerability and storytelling in inspirational leadership

Leading others

  • Key team leadership skills: coaching, communication, presentation, creativity
  • Collaborating in a crisis: how emotions interfere with effective decision making
  • Inspiring your people and working together to deliver top performance
  • Enhancing and sustaining positive leadership practices

Transformational leadership: elements of successful organizational change

  • Exercising power, politics and influence wisely
  • Leading superior strategy execution and sustainable change
  • Equipping yourself to lead for the future


Alex Trisoglio

Leadership Coach at THNK School of Creative Leadership, Art of People, McKinsey My experience and deep interests: Education (Adults) Entrepreneurship Strategy I am an executive coach and leadership advisor, with extensive experience in leadership development, improving individual and team ...

Daniel Skarlicki

Daniel is the Edgar Kaiser Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Sauder School of Business. He has taught executive programs in organizations across North and South America, Europe and Asia. His clients have included VanCity, Rocky Mountaineer and Glaxo. An active educator, he has won nume...

Steve Jacobs

Steve is Senior Advisor and past Chair at CLG, a global leader in behaviour-based strategy execution and performance improvement consulting. He is known internationally for his work with senior executives responsible for making things happen—improving the speed, return and sustainability of perfo...

Joanna Piros

Joanna Piros has over 25 years experience in the media as a reporter, television news anchor, writer and producer. As a communications consultant and trainer, she has helped a wide variety of clients create communications strategies, create events, and become better communicators with external au...

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Meeting the Leadership Challenge at Sauder School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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