Mastering Digital Marketing: SEM, SEO, Social Media and Beyond

London Business School

London Business School


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Who should attend

Businesses are feeling the pressure to elevate marketing efforts and cut through the noise.

This programme is designed for:

  • Experienced traditional marketers from corporate communications or non-digital backgrounds looking to learn the latest digital methods.
  • Non-marketing leaders who seek a holistic view of the latest marketing trends and strategies.
  • Early-career marketers who are digital natives and may have experience with some components of the marketing mix, but seek to build broader capabilities for career growth.
  • Professionals from a non-marketing field making a horizontal move into marketing, such as product development, HR, operations, finance and customer service.

About the course

Make an immediate impact in your organisation with a unified and coherent cross-channel strategy that secures customer loyalty.

Go beyond digital. Go omnichannel.

Apply the latest thinking in modern marketing and become equipped to build an effective omnichannel strategy for your organisation.

Good for you

  • Learn how to use the 3C Framework, as well as which success metrics to track across different marketing activities.
  • Learn how to develop an omnichannel strategy to deliver higher customer loyalty rates – and put you ahead of your competition.
  • Interact through live sessions with LBS faculty and marketing simulations.
  • Contribute to discussion boards moderated by the learning facilitator and build your global peer network.
  • Build credibility with a London Business School certificate of completion.

Master marketing in a hyper-social digital world

Advance your marketing career with the latest digital strategies to drive customer loyalty. The programme follows the 3C Framework: how to connect with your audience, how to convert them into customers and how to continuously engage to earn their loyalty.

What you learn

  • How does the new digital consumer behave and how does marketing look different in the social-digital age?
  • What is content marketing and why is it so important?
  • What metrics tell us when content marketing is working?
  • How do search engines work and why is search so central to digital marketing success?
  • Which strategies convert best on AdWords and Amazon Marketplace?
  • How do we leverage social networks for mobile advertising?
  • How do we build advocacy across social networks?
  • How can we integrate wallets, apps and payments into one cohesive loyalty strategy?
  • What is location-based mobile marketing and how does it fit into an omnichannel approach?
  • What is the omnichannel customer journey – what are the touchpoints and how does it convert into a strategy?

How you learn

Module 1 | Introduction to social media, internet marketing and the 3C Framework Learn digital marketing trends and see examples of the 3C Framework in action.

Module 2 | Content marketing Understand what content marketing is (and isn’t), how to build a strategy and what metrics define its success. Case study: LEGO: Building customer communities through technology.

Module 3 | Organic search marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) Explore how search engines work and what elements make for a good SEO strategy. Case study: Online marketing at Big Skinny, a marketing tech firm.

Module 4 | Paid search marketing and selling on marketplaces Deconstruct paid search, how it works, and which strategies convert best on AdWords and Amazon Marketplace.

Module 5 | Mobile app marketing: native and social advertising Revise your mindset to think about apps not ads and discover what metrics to measure.

Module 6 | Social media marketing: listening and creating content Tune into the social media listening-response loop to gather insights, identify trends and build a social listening strategy.

Module 7 | Social media: sharing content and building advocacy Understand the power of social sharing, creating influencers and fostering social media advocacy – even in B2B environments. Case study: social strategy at Cisco Systems and the Cisco Learning Network.

Module 8 | Personalisation marketing and digital loyalty programs Appreciate the payoff for personalising digital content and learn how to integrate wallets, apps and payments into one cohesive loyalty strategy. Case study: Starbucks’ Loyalty Reigns.

Module 9 | Omnichannel marketing: combining digital with physical-local Learn how location is the new currency of marketing and why an omnichannel marketing strategy will put you ahead of your competition. Case study: Showrooming at Best Buy.

Module 10 | Omnichannel: strategy for seamless convergence Learn about the touchpoints that make up a customer journey in an omnichannel approach to inform your own unified marketing strategy.

Your learning experience

  • Flexibly access programme content through multiple devices, allowing you to easily manage schedules and learn remotely - anytime, anywhere.
  • Weekly marketing simulations designed to give you practice managing your overall marketing mix and individual campaigns.
  • Case studies featuring some of the world’s most prominent brands including Starbucks, LEGO, Cisco, Best Buy, and L’Oréal.
  • The learning material schedule follows a modular approach, with new content released weekly.
  • Peer learning – in the form of discussion forums and surveys – allowing you to track your progress.
  • Video lectures and live teaching sessions with Q&A’s create an immersive, engaging learning environment, easily accessed from outside the classroom.
  • Our unique platform allows users to create a profile, connect and collaborate with peers, and interact live with subject matter experts who will facilitate your learning.


David Arnold

BA MPhil (London), MBA (City), DBA (Harvard) Dr David Arnold’s research focuses on global versus local marketing; marketing strategy; innovation and market evolution; brand management; and global customer management. He has been a strong advocate of local marketing by global corporations. His wr...

Anja Lambrecht

Dr Anja Lambrecht teaches the elective programme, ‘Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force’ to MBA and Executive MBA students. Her research focuses on digital marketing, with a particular focus on online targeting and advertising as well as promotion and pricing.  She received her ...

Lil Mohan

Lil Mohan is an entrepreneur and an academic. As Adjunct Professor of Marketing, he covers several topics including Digital, Social Media, M-Commerce, Omni-Channel and Advertising. He brings to his teaching a variety of experiences from Amazon, Intel, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and two successfu...

Videos and materials

Mastering Digital Marketing: SEM, SEO, Social Media and Beyond at London Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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