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Market Access Academy

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Created in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and leading pharmaceutical companies from around the world, this intensive course connects pharmaceutical management with advanced knowledge and strategies in market access.

The Market Access Academy is aimed at present and future Access Leaders within the pharmaceutical industry. Based on key business needs, it will provide participants with a common grounding in market access, training in representative decision-making across the product life-cycle, and strategies to adapt to a rapidly changing industry landscape.

We have a highly developed programme of lectures, case studies, workshops, and notable guest speakers. This bespoke selection provides technical experts - as well as those from other functions - the tools to understand the market access environment, plan strategy, and optimise access and value.

What will Access Leaders gain?

  • A common grounding in market access.
  • Training in representative decision-making across the product life-cycle.
  • Strategies to adapt to a changing landscape.
  • Five days of lectures, case studies, workshops and VIP guest speakers.

Programme structure

The Academy is taught over five days and is a mix of lectures, panel speakers, and interactive case studies:

Module 1: Understanding access, drivers, and barriers Learning objectives: Understanding of key leverage points (evidence, non-evidence) used to optimise P&R outcomes across different in-scope markets and TAs.

Module 2: Defining an integrated evidence package Learning objectives: Navigating challenges and trade-offs (internal and external) for successful decision-making in evidence-generation planning and synthesis.

Module 3: Creating a receptive access environment Learning objectives: Identifying key relevant stakeholders and assessing different non-evidence access levers enabling Access Leaders to develop a broader stakeholder engagement plan beyond HTAs and payers. This module focuses on the importance of market access stakeholders, the role of patient organisations, and utilising collaborative negotiations to realise success.

Module 4: Optimising access and value Learning objectives: Developing a successful strategic P&R approach by understanding the overall option space, trade-offs and most relevant tools. The module provides participants with the technical functional expertise needed to develop P&R strategies and then expands on how to build an effective pricing strategy in three parts, with focus on the payer and industry perspectives.

Module 5: Managing access strategy and execution Learning objectives: Understanding the behaviours and tools of successful cross-functional Access Leaders, as seen by executives and senior internal clients.

Course outcomes

During the course's highly interactive five days, participants will:

  • Learn representative decision-making as Access Leaders, including how to frame and address business requirements/issues.
  • Understand the functional, technical access competencies (policy, evidence generation etc.) and the roles they play in business decisions.
  • Deepen understanding of evolving access-relevant trends and access landscape/environment.
  • Network with pharmaceutical executives, industry professionals from Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies, key policy makers and more


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