The College of Engineering: Integrative Systems + Design

Available dates

Apr 20—24, 2020
5 days
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
USD 3995
USD 799 per day
Jun 1—5, 2020
5 days
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
USD 3995
USD 799 per day


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About the course

Combining World-Class Lean Healthcare Training Expertise with Hands-On Experience

Our team of Lean Healthcare experts from world-class Michigan Medicine enables you to see and think differently and gain essential skills to lead a lean initiative in your organization. Through a hands-on simulation and case studies, you also have the opportunity to practice instrumental tools and techniques such as value stream mapping, coaching, and A3 problem solving.

Overview of Lean Thinking

  • Understand the universal application of lean in all industries
  • Define lean thinking:
    • Understand what your patients value
    • Create a culture of Continuous Improvement
    • Use data to drive improvement
    • Identify and eliminate waste

Coaching and Management Systems

  • Learn about coaching and management methods, such as humble inquiry and go-see
  • Practice conveying Lean thinking and principles to your peers

Value Stream Mapping

  • Explain the purpose of a Value Stream Map, the process for creating one, and the outcome of doing so
  • Create a Value Stream Map using a practical case study
  • Analyze waste depicted by the Value Stream Map
  • Understand the transition from a Current State to an improved Future State

Practical Problem Solving and A3 Thinking

  • Introduce the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) formatted problem solving process
  • Create an understanding of the A3 thinking process and how it can be used in problem solving
  • Practice the process in a group setting
  • Go away with a sense of how you might use the process to improve results in your organization

Lean Leadership and Change Management

  • Learn how to lead efforts in which tools and methods learned during the week can be put into practice
  • Better understand your role as a leader in Lean transformation
  • Understand Lean implementation as a change initiative
  • Return home with a sense of direction about how to improve results in your organization

Learning Objectives

Grounded in a proven model for lean transformation, our Lean Healthcare program focuses on the organizational development of people using lean principles, systems, and tools. Our instructors encourage a broad vision of lean as a catalyst for organizational culture change and continuous improvement. As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain Lean principles, systems, and tools and discuss how, when, and why they apply to healthcare environments
  • Explain how implementing lean thinking is intended to create sustainable organizational culture change
  • Describe the features and attributes of a lean culture and the Lean Transformation Model
  • Apply Lean principles and methodologies to improve work processes and systems
  • Demonstrate effective coaching skills for developing problem-solving capabilities in others
  • Examine your own role and function pertaining to the development of a Lean organization
  • Analyze the application of lean principles, systems, and tools for organizational improvement
  • Identify gaps between the current state and the desired future state of your organization or unit

Who should attend

All of the following attendees will benefit from this program:

Healthcare executives



Clinical staff

Industrial and management engineers

Laboratory and specialized healthcare services

Insurance company staff

Pharmaceutical staff

Trust the experts

Toni Benner

Toni Benner is a coach, speaker, instructor, and advocate for change. Toni has over 20 years of experience in facilitation, training, team development, and continuous improvement from manufacturing, product development, and supply chain within both the automotive and healthcare industry. She is a...


Jack Billi

Dr. Billi serves as Professor in Internal Medicine and Learning Health Sciences (Medical School), Health Management and Policy (Public Health), and Integrated Systems and Design (Engineering) at the University of Michigan. Dr. Billi's management and research interests are in health services deliv...


Dave LaHote

Dave LaHote is a retired senior executive and currently an advisor to organizations on leadership, management and Lean implementation. Dave bridges the gap between theory and practice with a common-sense style that is based on his many years of experience leading organizations. Dave has taught ex...


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