Leading From the Middle – A Practical Approach to Achieving Extraordinary Results

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Dec 4, 2019
Rosemont, Illinois, United States
USD 475
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About the course

While much advice on leading change addresses challenges faced by the C-level suite, it is the leaders in the middle of the organization, the ones who commonly are tasked with building capabilities, who are on the hot seat. Unfortunately, few approaches to leading change are designed to help them succeed. This session introduces a new and specific set of processes to help mid-level leaders navigate their organizations so that they can succeed in building extraordinary capabilities. The program introduces four categories of stakeholders and describes that success depends on adopting Communications, Strategies, Tactics, and Sequencing (CoSTS) that are specific for each category. Participants will learn about these CoSTS for each category. They also will work through how the framework translates into practice in their own organization so that they can use the processes the next day.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 15% What is the leadership challenge of building extraordinary capabilities?
  • 10% What are the traditional approaches to leading change?
  • 15% How can you engage and lead superordinates?
  • 15% How can you engage and lead subordinates?
  • 15% How can you engage and lead customers?
  • 15% How can you engage and lead complementors/blockers?
  • 15% What are the specific steps you can do to dramatically increase the likelihood of building extraordinary capabilities for your organization?


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