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Leading From the Chair

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Leading from the Chair

Next dates

Jun 10—12
3 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 7250 ≈USD 8145
EUR 2416 per day
Dec 11—13
3 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 7250 ≈USD 8145
EUR 2416 per day


Achieving board effectiveness through strong leadership

INSEAD’s Leading from the Chair programme provides chairs with the opportunity to discover, share and practise techniques for achieving greater board effectiveness. Because the role of the chair in particular has assumed greater significance, visibility and complexity than in the past, an increasingly different skill set and distinctive form of engaged, informed and strong board leadership is required.

From setting direction and shaping strategy to acting as the pivot between the board, CEO and external stakeholders, the demands and challenges facing chairs are ever-increasing. In this context, the need for an exceptional chair has never been more crucial in board effectiveness and influencing organisational performance and direction. This programme is designed to sharpen your skills for leading an effective and high-performing board, which can effectively set and implement the company’s direction and strategy.


  • Deeper understanding: Achieve deeper understanding of how board and chair roles are changing – and exchange best practices with international peers.
  • Effective meetings: Improve your ability to organise and conduct effective meetings.
  • Coaching and development: Acquire tools for coaching and developing the CEO and senior executives.
  • Challenging executives: Enhance your ability to challenge executives and board members through positive exchanges on the key issues that underpin corporate performance.
  • Addressing pressures: Become better able to address pressures when facing a crisis.


Leading from the Chair is designed to make you a more effective board leader, so much of the learning experience focuses on board simulation workshops that allow you to put strategies into practice. You will also develop skills through individual coaching by faculty and best practice exchanges with your peers – interacting with highly experienced chairs and professors throughout the programme. Continuous self-assessment opportunities will support you in creating an action plan for honing your leadership skills.

The programme focuses on three key areas that are vital in leading and chairing an effective board – and will address the following topics.


  • Setting and measuring board support systems and performance
  • Understanding the keys to effective group dynamics
  • Using evaluation processes
  • Managing the information gap between boards and management


  • Motivating individual director performance
  • Facilitating effective meetings
  • Leading difficult discussions
  • Mentoring board-member and management development
  • Developing boards and directors


  • How the role of a chair changes
  • Addressing stakeholder pressure
  • Managing board member anxieties
  • Interacting with the CEO

Who should attend

Leading from the Chair focuses on the key role of the chair and relies on the exchange of ideas among participants with relevant experience. It is designed for the chairs of boards of directors and the chairs of core board committees, such as audit, compensation, governance, risk and investment, and nomination.


Tim is faculty member at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto and a Visiting Scholar at INSEAD. His research interests include corporate governance, strategic alliances and stakeholder and social issues management. His publications appear in the Academy of Management Review, Aca...
Stanislav Shekshnia is Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. Stanislav Shekshnia directs the Leading from the Chair Programme. His research concentrates on leadership, leadership development and effective governance at emerging markets and organizations....


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