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About the course

A two-day program to help you improve efficiency and win more customers

To be successful organizations must understand how to optimize their operations for efficiency and effectiveness. The purpose of this program is to teach you to lead such changes by concentrating the two aspects: doing things right (efficiency) and doing the right things (effectiveness). Efficiency improvement, which focuses on doing things right, encompasses a host of tools and techniques such as Lean, 6-Sigma, and TQM. Doing the right things, or effectiveness, is a strategic view of obtaining the operational excellence. This program will introduce how to lead change that integrates the technical aspects of efficiency with strategic elements of effectiveness. Using examples from multiple industries, including manufacturing, medical, and governmental, this program will give you a set of tools that you can use immediately, frameworks for how to lead such change in your organization and a reading list of resources to use to dig deeper into any of the subjects.

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn ideas and techniques you can apply right away, including:

  • Understanding why leading a change in operations is so difficult
  • Understanding how quickly operations can fall into bad practices
  • How to use the lean technique of process mapping to communicate and align all members in your operations
  • A framework of how to select the best technique (Lean, 6-Sigma, TQM) for operational issues
  • Proven strategies for linking what customers desire with what operations delivers
  • How to turn operational failures into system successes
  • Developing a plan for going forward

Who should attend

  • C-Suite executives
  • Managers of all levels
  • Project managers

People who took this course work for

Burger King Corporation, Cardinal Health, Walgreens, Kindred Healthcare, University of Kentucky...

Trust the experts

David Dilts

David Dilts is highly regarded as a operations expert, consultant, researcher and teacher. His influential work has benefited organizations in industries ranging from healthcare to aerospace and automotive. In addition to his teaching work with the Vanderbilt Owen Executive Development Institute,...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.