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Feb 7—Mar 13, 2020
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In a complex, 21st century environment, successful leaders need to be highly effective communicators. Considering the amount of communication undertaken by senior business leaders, the CEO might equally be called a chief “explanation, engagement or enlightenment” officer. Effective leaders understand that if their message does not resonate deeply with their target audience, speaking to emotions, aspirations and needs, then likely it will not be understood – much less championed.

Put simply, effective communication is an essential component of professional success. The better you understand your own personal communication style and how it impacts others, the greater your chance of articulating your organisation’s strategic vision, inspiring high performance and creating positive working relationships based on vibrant interaction and listening.

Building effective communication skills becomes even more important in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, where technological disruption is leading to increased volatility and uncertainty. Leaders can help their people navigate the complexities of the digital age and make meaning in this change. Leadership communication capabilities that foster meaningful collaboration, interaction and engagement are must-have skills for executives today.

Leadership Communication with Impact is an online programme designed to help leaders improve their impact, performance and effectiveness as communicators. The aim is to equip you - as leaders - with the tools, techniques and skills you need to build your communication capacity at all levels – whether it be interpersonal, organisational or external, and enable you to become a leader communicator who connects and resonates with any stakeholders.

This programme shows you how to develop your own leadership communication style – to maximise your potential strengths – and close the gaps. You will establish a link between leadership, different communication styles and performance results – in the process discovering more about yourself and how your behaviour affects others. You will also learn how to use emotional intelligence through interpersonal communication and how to encourage strategic thinking through asking questions, developing ideas and articulating clear goals. .


  • Discover the inner strengths of your communication potential by harnessing your communication intelligence
  • Learn about your communication approach and how to adjust your communication style to increase your influence as a leader
  • Build skills in creating compelling and relevant messages as well as displaying impactful leadership presence
  • Expand your communication capacity to motivate and inspire people, as well as successfully connect organisational vision, strategy and execution
  • Create dynamic ways to continually hone and improve your communication skills into the future


Leadership Communication with Impact is an online programme delivered over 5 weeks that requires you to work on multiple levels. Each week develops one part of the overall the three following topics.


The first step in your journey to becoming a more effective communicator is to consider your personal communication style and preferences. Only when you have gathered the necessary insights to understand and monitor yourself will you be able to build a broad communication skills agenda that drives results.

  • Develop deep awareness of your leadership communication approach to maximise your communication strengths and focus priorities for communication skills development
  • Learn how psychological communication preferences together with personality characteristics affect the way you and other people communicate – through speaking, listening, writing, reading, watching and behaviours
  • Create your own communication skills agenda for development, drawing on fresh insights through class videos and other activities in the course


Exceptional leaders communicate in a way that inspires others and makes people want to work with them – and can adjust their communication approach for different situations and needs.

  • Mould different aspects of your communication approach to demonstrate communication intelligence in action – in your messaging and through your leadership presence
  • Explore the role of culture in the way you communicate, and the strengths and challenges of the four communication preference styles in people: rational, structural, expressive and visual
  • Learn more about how communication behaviours can change under pressure and how to communicate positively in stressful situations


The digital era calls for a fresh style of leadership – one that can cut through complexity and create collaborative environments where innovation and engagement flourishes. Through effective communication skills, successful leaders can inspire their teams to embrace the digital era’s opportunities and encourage high performance with agility and clarity.

  • Learn how communication intelligence effectively uses four mindsets: awareness (of self, other people, context, and purpose); message; presence; and communication formats
  • Explore the impact of body language and its relationship to leadership presence, and learn how to add “presence and visuality” to bring relevant, clear, compelling and comprehensible messaging to life
  • Discover how to use the right communication format or technology for the right purpose and adopt communication techniques that are rational, structural, expressive and visual – creating relevant, engaging and resonating communication in any format


Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 3-5 hours per week to complete.


Developing your communication skills is critical to becoming an effective leader. Skilfully applying and adapting these skills to different leadership situations and challenges is key to success in a disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and diverse world (D-VUCAD).

With this in mind, the Action Learning Project (ALP) for this course will give you the opportunity to practise applying your learning to your own leadership and communication activities. The ALP will take you on a step-by-step journey by developing your own personal Communication Skills Agenda for effective leadership communication.

You will begin with a reflection of your own communication preference styles and communication capabilities. You will subsequently hone your communication styles and techniques each week while developing a message mindset and leadership presence. The ALP will culminate in you having developed a Communication Skills Agenda to adapt to different leadership situations and challenges in your future leadership career.

There are 3 phases to the ALP process:

First, you will undertake an initial communication assessment and take the Communication Preference Styles Survey (CPSS) to become aware of your current capabilities.

Second, in each of the content weeks, you will apply the concepts from that week to develop additional communication skills and apply different communication techniques. In addition, you will be creating a dynamic Communication Skills Agenda supported by reflection, feedback and course content.

At the end of the programme, you will synthesise elements from each week into an ongoing Communication Skills Agenda.

Who should attend

Executives in leadership positions at all levels looking to improve their impact and performance through more effective leadership communication

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Ian Woodward

Professor Ian C. Woodward specializes in Leadership and Communication. He lectures in a range of INSEAD programmes and is Director of the Advanced Management Programme. He was Co-Program Director for the INSEAD Master of Finance degree. He also lectures and consults in leadership and management p...


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