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Georgia Tech Professional Education

Introduction to Innovation Leadership

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About the course

This is the first course of a learning series in innovation leadership and is essential for any aspiring leaders of innovation. Build a solid foundation in innovation leadership by first understanding the underlying principles behind good leadership—what it is, what it needs to be, what it can be, and its value to society and you.

What You Will Learn

  • The underlying principles behind good leadership
  • How to introspect and self-evaluate your current leadership style
  • The dynamics of innovation

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn what it takes to succeed as an innovation leader in the Twenty-First Century
  • Understand how you can become an innovation leader by discovering your true north
  • Determine your next steps to becoming an effective leader


  • Module 1: Leadership in Innovation is Changing
  • Module 2: Why Leadership Matters
  • Module 3: Inspirational Stories
  • Module 4: Authentic/Servant Leaders
  • Module 5: Your True North

Who should attend

This course is designed for any student or professional involved in leadership (school or work), aspiring leaders, and those who have a general interest in innovation leadership.

Trust the experts

Bill George

Bill George is senior fellow at Harvard Business School, where he has taught leadership since 2004. He is the author of four best-selling books: 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis, True North, Finding Your True North, and Authentic Leadership, as well True North Groups. His newest book, Discover You...


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