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Innovation Bootcamp

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Sep 6
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 963 ≈USD 706
SGD 963 per day
Mar 16, 2020
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 963 ≈USD 706
SGD 963 per day


In today’s fast moving and competitive world, it is essential for organisation to be equipped with the mindset and toolset to continuously innovate.

This course will introduce to participants a Human Centre Design (Design Thinking) innovation framework that embraces ‘User centred innovation’, ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Ethnographic Research’, and ‘Customer Experience Design’. These are some of the concepts that form the basis of the innovation. This course has been designed to create an awareness and expose participants to the skills needed for:

  • Engaging users to understand their needs
  • Identifying and communicating opportunities for improvement
  • Validating the desirability of new products/process/services early in the development

This high energy, fun, one-day workshop provides teams with an overview of innovation & service design, an understanding of where they can contribute and how they can contribute, and sets them on the journey to being more innovative in delivering their services.

Due to its flexible nature, the course can be contextualised for individual organisations, sectors or focused on specific technologies. For example, we have run the innovation bootcamp for Financial Services, Healthcare and Government as well as for specific technologies.

This course is part of the Digital Innovation & Design Series offered by NUS-ISS.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of service innovation & design
  • Be able to think about employing some of the techniques in their own organisations
  • Identify opportunities to improve service delivery and/or user experience in their own organisation

What Will Be Covered

Using a familiar innovation framework the workshop rapidly takes participants through a hands on learning experience that covers the key components of any innovation process such as:

  • Understanding user and customer experience
  • Idea generation
  • Design & prototyping
  • Delivery of innovation

Participants will work on real innovation challenges through the day will see their ideas and contributions brought to life.


Lectures followed by workshops

Who should attend

This course has been designed for anyone who deals with customers.


Ms Lim Wee Khee leads the Digital Innovation and Design practice at the Institute of System Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). The Digital Innovation & Design team focuses on developing and delivering curriculum and consultancy projects related to the areas of user experie...
Saisudha is with the Service Innovation Practice cluster in Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore. She is involved in the development of the Service Innovation Practice, in the area of instructional design, consulting and research. Her research specifically spans across d...
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