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How to Understand and Analyze Financial Statements

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About the course

How to read financial statements to determine any firm's strengths and weaknesses.

Size Up the Financial Health of Any Company in Minutes

It is critical that every manager understands the financial side their business. This webinar offers simple yet detailed explanations of the financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and more. You will learn how to analyze and interpret them to assess the profitability, liquidity, efficiency and leverage of your company or even your competitors.

Featuring an In-depth Case-Study

This course is perfect for business owners and managers with P&L responsibility in reading financial statements and using them to make sound financial decisions. Without using classroom theory, you’ll hear a "real-life" case study illustrating how financial statements can be read to determine any firm's strengths and weaknesses.

What You Will learn:

  • Shortcuts for quickly analyzing the most pertinent data on financial statements
  • Key differences between net income and cash flow
  • How to determine the fiscal health and performance of a unit, division, or company
  • How CFOs evaluate business investments to determine if they will be approved or rejected
  • What changes in certain accounts (i.e., inventories, receivables, etc.) mean to the health of the business
  • How to properly value a business and share prices

In 90-minutes you’ll discover how to instantly determine if a firm has a strong or weak balance sheet, evaluate profitability, calculate financial ratios, and you will know what the financial ratios mean and which warning signs to watch out for.

No previous financial training is needed.

How you will benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between finance and accounting
  • Understand and use the balance sheet and income statement
  • Properly calculate and understand financial ratios
  • Use financials to quantify the fiscal health of any company

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