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Feb 20—21, 2020
2 days
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
USD 199
USD 99 per day
May 14—15, 2020
2 days
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
USD 199
USD 99 per day


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About the course

Your organization is doing exceptional work. You are passionate about your mission. The potential is great, if only more funding were available. Effective fundraising practices can be adapted to meet the unique realities of smaller nonprofits. Efficiently use your time and existing resources – including board members and other volunteers – to achieve your fundraising goals.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn primary principles and techniques of fundraising
  • Apply fundraising techniques to the context of a smaller-budget nonprofit
  • Develop recruitment strategies to grow your fundraising team
  • Devise an action plan to effectively fundraise for your charitable organization




  • Course Introduction and Objectives
  • Participant Introductions and Expectations

Today’s Philanthropic Landscape

The Fundraising Cycle / The Six Rights of Fundraising

  • The Right Reason: Case for Support
  • Mission Statements

The Right Gift

  • Gift Range Charts
  • Fundraising Readiness Assessment

The Right Person

  • Staff
  • Board of Directors
  • Volunteers
  • Developing Constituencies


Day 2

Review and Reflect

The Right Amount: Ability

  • Qualifying Prospective Donors
  • The Right Time

Making the Philanthropic Request

Overview of Other Fundraising Opportunities

  • Philanthropic Foundations
  • Corporate Giving
  • Special Events
  • Online Giving
  • Major Gifts
  • Planned Giving

Action Plan

Develop an individualized checklist/plan to guide your organization’s fundraising efforts

Course Wrap Up & Reflections

  • Evaluation of Expectations
  • Course Evaluations
  • Graduation


You’ll learn how to

  • Build a convincing case for financial support
  • Select the donors and markets best suited to your nonprofit
  • Choose the right fundraising vehicles for your organization
  • Inspire the leadership potential of volunteers
  • Create a fundraising process that works, but is attainable with limited resources

What you’ll receive

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use study guide with models for future reference
  • A chance to network with other professionals dealing with similar challenges
  • Hands-on experience in planning special events
  • Interactive training on how to ask for support

Course reviews

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