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Asper School of Business

Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager

Jun 5
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
CAD 600 ≈USD 446
CAD 600 per day
Jan 30, 2020
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
CAD 600 ≈USD 446
CAD 600 per day

How it works


Master the tools for making informed financial decisions. Increase your leadership effectiveness with a better understanding of the fundamentals of finance and accounting and how it affects your organization. Become more confident discussing and making financial decisions.

Why This Program?

You will gain an understanding of how to interpret financial information, master the tools for making informed financial decisions, and how financial considerations influence real-life operating decisions. It is important that participants are prepared for the session. Before the session, participants should acquire and briefly review their organization’s most recent annual report and, if applicable, recent financial information for their operating unit. They should also bring to class an example of a recent operating decision where financial considerations played a role. This could include the decision to acquire resources (eg., hire more people, purchase equipment) or any other decision where finances were considered.

Upon completion of this program you will understand:

  • How to interpret a Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Statement of Cash Flows
  • Perform basic financial analysis of financial statements
  • Understand the concepts of performance measures and their roles from a strategic and operational perspective
  • How financial decisions are made for investing, expanding headcount, and other purposes
  • Be aware of the budgeting process and its impact on the organization’s strategy

Who should attend

Non-financial managers and executives who want to improve their ability to work with financial and accounting information and improve their decision-making skills.


Dan Torbiak, B. Comm. (Hons.)/80, FCPA, FCA is an Asper Executive-in-Residence. He helps develop relationships between the Asper School and the Manitoba business community. He is a sessional lecturer in Taxation at the Asper School and coaches students for the annual JDC-West case competition. He...
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