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About the course

Managerial roles are increasingly getting cross functional and interdependent. Financial impact of any managerial decision-making is all pervasive, with the need for a non-finance manager to assess the impact of his functional decisions on the top line (Sales) and the bottom line (Profits), becoming indispensable. Financial Statements are the interface provided by the organization to share information and communicate with both people inside and outside the organization. Interpreting and analysing relevant financial information in decision making contexts is important for every functional manager to contribute effectively to their own and their organization’s growth and success.


This programme will guide the participants through concepts required to enable them to process financial information generated by organizations in an intelligent manner. This facilitates better managerial decision making by interpreting those financial information, as every managerial decision has a certain financial implication. With increasing complexity and uncertainty in the business environment, competing profitably requires continued efforts and apt decision making competencies by business managers across functions. This programme aims to make financial numbers easier to understand and interpret for managers at all levels in a firm. It would equip them with the tools and techniques covering financial reporting, cost management, and financial decision making in firms. Which of one’s products or services is most profitable, would for example make the managers more cost conscious and also improve the quality of their future decisions.

Key Topics

The program intends to cover broad working knowledge of financial reporting, cost analysis and financial management concepts from a managerial cross functional decision making perspective to facilitate value creation.

The programme will cover the following broad areas:

  • Understanding Corporate Financial Statements
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow Statement
  • Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements from Annual Reports
    • Overview of association between Financial statements and Market prices
    • Basic Analytical tools & techniques like Horizontal & Vertical Analysis and financial Ratios
    • Applying the concepts and tools in real life companies data from their Annual reports
  • Earnings Quality
  • Understanding & using Cost information for managerial decision making
    • Cost determination techniques like Activity based costing
    • Budgeting & Variance Analysis
    • C-V-P Analysis & Relevant Costing for optimal product decisions
  • Overview of Indian Financial Markets
  • Working capital Management
  • Capital Budgeting & Long-term Financing decisions
  • Economic Value Added and Shareholder Wealth Creation

Who should attend

The programme would be immensely useful for managers at all levels including functional heads, team leaders, supervisors desirous of understanding financial statements and managing costs, irrespective of their domain area of work. No prior knowledge of Finance and Accounting is required.

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Purusottam Sen

My professional experience has spanned not just academics and research but also working for large corporations and consulting as well. I have taught post graduate students and advised doctoral students at some very well-known institutes in India, Armenia, Dubai and Singapore for over 20 years. In...


Sudhir Jaiswall

Prof. Sudhir S. Jaiswall is a faculty member in the Finance and Accounting area at IIM Calcutta. He has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, MS in Business from University of Rochester (USA), and M. Com (Gold Medalist) and Ph.D. from University of Calcutta. He is a Cost Accountan...


Manju Jaiswall

Prof. Manju Jaiswall is a faculty member in the Finance and Accounting area at IIM Calcutta. She has done her M.Phil in Commerce (Gold medallist) from Calcutta University and doctorate in Management from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Her research interests are in the areas of Corporat...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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