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Finance for Executives

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INSEAD's Finance for Executives programme

Next dates

Apr 23—May 3
8 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 12400 ≈USD 14007
EUR 1550 per day
Sep 10—20
8 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 12400 ≈USD 14007
EUR 1550 per day
Nov 26—Dec 6
8 days
Fontainebleau, France
EUR 12400 ≈USD 14007
EUR 1550 per day


As organisations and business become more global and increasingly disparate, it is essential that executives have a firm grasp on finance to ensure that they maximise value.

Exploring the diverse financial challenges facing today's decision-makers, Finance for Executives is a comprehensive introduction to accounting and financial analysis. It aims to give executives who are not financial specialists an understanding of the financial consequences of strategic decisions and to equip them with tools to integrate the financial approach into their decision-making.

This programme is designed to increase your skills in communicating effectively with those in finance and accounting to ensure that your organisation’s functions are better integrated, significantly boosting the firm’s overall value. As a result of attending, you will contribute to ensuring a sound financial basis for your organisation’s strategic planning and decisions.


  • Broader skill set. Gain better understanding of the key financial elements of Value-Based Management.
  • Valuable communication skills. Improve your effectiveness in communicating with accounting and finance colleagues.
  • Customised application of insights. Review financial statements from your own company or business unit – with the help of our expert faculty.
  • New tools and methods. Acquire powerful techniques to aid analysis and decision-making.


Finance for Executives looks at the impact of corporate policies and operations on financial performance. Participants learn how to interpret financial information to get to the business reality behind the numbers. They look at how to appraise investment opportunities and gain insights into the financial consequences of their strategic decisions.

Participants are introduced to the principles of Value-Based Management and how to manage resources to create shareholder value – including potential value creation (or destruction) through corporate restructuring.


In order to make value-increasing decisions, executives must know how firms are valued in financial markets. Amongst other topics, you will learn how industry-specific factors can affect the financial structure and valuation of a business, how a firm finances its development and how valuation of a company is handled.


The programme will provide a full introduction to the principles of Value-Based Management and its link to performance measurement and managers' compensation. You will also learn how to manage for profitable growth.


This part of the programme explores the potential for value creation from corporate restructuring and the potential drivers for value creation or destruction.


The appraisal of investment opportunities is one of the most important management processes for a firm. In this module, you will review the various methods commonly used to analyse investment projects.


You will have the opportunity to review financial statements from your own organisation and discover how to interpret the information in order to manage more effectively.

Who should attend

The programme is designed for non-financial executives, including general managers, senior functional managers outside finance, board members and corporate customer-relations officers in financial service organisations who require a better understanding of the financial impact of business decisions.


Lily Fang is an Associate Professor of Finance at INSEAD. Based in Singapore since 2003, she contributed to the development of the INSEAD Singapore campus. At INSEAD Professor Fang teaches corporate finance, capital markets, valuation, private equity, and entrepreneurial finance in the MBA and Ex...
Theo Vermaelen is UBS professor of Investment Banking in honor of Henry Grunfeld at INSEAD and visiting Professor of Finance at Chicago Booth. Although he conducts research on a variety of topics in corporate finance such as mergers and acquisitions, CoCo bonds, floating priced convertibles, div...
Pekka Hietala is a Professor of Finance and the chair of the Finance Area at INSEAD. He received an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), an MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, and a MA in Economics and a PhD in Finance from Stanford University...


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