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About the course

Do you have the presence of a leader? Executive presence is a vital skill in business and life: being able to connect with other people by making your case and communicating genuine emotion, even in the most intimidating circumstances. Whether you’re leading a team meeting or giving a formal presentation to a large group, you can learn to combine your breath, your voice, your body positioning, your passionate belief in what you're saying, and your authentic self so profoundly that people won't be able to look away.

In this 15-week certificate program, you'll learn by doing to refine your public speaking skills and build confidence in your own presence. By sharing videos of yourself presenting and receiving constructive feedback from fellow students and experts, you'll practice analyzing your performance, repeating, and refining your work in exercises and acting techniques specially designed by Cornell Theatre Professor David Feldshuh. It's not about achieving perfection. The core skills, analytical tools, and training exercises presented in this program are intended to position you for a lifetime of development. The better you get, the more confident you’ll feel. And it will show.


  • Analyze and understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • Connect and affect listeners when you transfer information, share emotion, or persuade for change
  • Observe and appreciate the performance aspects in others and learn how these insights can contribute to your presence
  • Deal with performance anxiety, mannerisms, and other distractions that limit your effectiveness in presentation
  • Create a self-training process using self-video, self-analysis, focused exercises, and rubric assessment to continue improvement after the course is completed

Who should attend

  • Aspiring leaders
  • Managers, senior leaders and executives
  • CEOs
  • Actors and performers
  • Anyone who wants to become more effective in connecting with others through increased ease and presence when speaking in public or private

Trust the experts

David Feldshuh

David Feldshuh is a Phi Beta Kappa, philosophy major of Dartmouth College. He completed his actor training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, studied mime with Jacques Lecoq, and joined the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, remaining there for seven years first as an actor and then as...


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Executive Presence Certificate from Cornell University

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