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Essential Facilitation Skills & the Psychology of Groups

Nov 25—29, 2019
5 days
Istanbul, Turkey
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Aug 9—13, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Nov 23—27, 2020
5 days
Istanbul, Turkey
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day

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Organisations are often involved in projects that require bringing together diverse groups in cross functional and medium to large group events to gather and share knowledge, solve problems and build better working relationships. Small group facilitation skills are required to design and deliver participatory and engaging events.

A facilitator is someone who uses knowledge of group processes to formulate and deliver the needed structure for meeting interactions to be effective. A facilitator focuses on efficient processes (group dynamics) allowing the participants to focus on the content or the substance of their work together. The training course is taught by an experienced workplace psychologist and professional facilitator.

This Oxford training seminar will highlight:

  • Build trusting relationships and define a clear brief / outcomes
  • Plan appropriate small group interventions to deliver a brief / outcomes
  • Facilitate effective and inclusive discussions, actions and learning
  • Build awareness of good facilitation and group processes
  • Focus on facilitating 'conversations that matter' including how to host effective ‘World Café’ style small group table discussions within a large group engagement


At the end of this Oxford training seminar, you will learn to:

  • Understand the facilitator role and basic principles of group processes
  • Plan and structure an effective small group session, paying attention to helpful structures and interventions before, during and after a group event
  • Use a variety of methods to direct and guide groups
  • Identify and flex your facilitation style with self-awareness, authority and presence
  • Develop strategies for managing dynamics in diverse cross cultural and inter-generational groups
  • Accurately and skilfully capture and summarise information

Training Methodology

Participants to this Oxford training seminar will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline with the facilitator utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. This Oxford training seminar is very participatory and experiential. It involves some theoretical insight, some awareness building and a lot of skill practice in a group setting.

Training Seminar methodology includes individual, and group activities will intersperse the sessions. DVD presentations will highlight the major teaching features. A variety of practical sessions and group interaction are programmed into this training course. The facilitator will demonstrate exemplary facilitation skills.

Organisational Impact

  • Staff promoting facilitated sessions to enhance learning and development
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Build and enhance facilitation skills company wide
  • Involve everyone in the meeting, including drawing out the quiet participants and controlling the domineering ones
  • Increased use of appropriate facilitation methods throughout the organisation
  • Improved inter-personal interactions

Personal Impact

  • Understand team dynamics and how to facilitate different types of group members
  • Apply facilitation skills and other group-oriented techniques appropriately
  • Develop practical, transferable skills
  • Awareness and understanding of cross-cultural issues
  • Understand the context and dynamics from which specific issues arise
  • Increased commitment to ongoing professional development

Course Outline

DAY 1 Fundamentals of Facilitation

  • What is Facilitation?
  • Four Guiding Principles for Facilitators
  • Dimensions and Modes
  • The Facilitator and the experiential group
  • The Six dimensions of Facilitation
  • Facilitator Style
  • Changing Role of the Facilitator

DAY 2 The Group Dynamic

  • The Psychology of the Group
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Positive and Negative forms of Group Dynamics
  • Psychological Defensiveness
  • The Role of the Facilitator
  • Group Dynamic Theory
  • Avoiding Group-think - avoiding fatal flaws in group decision-making

DAY 3 Using the “World Café” Technique

  • An Introduction to the World Café Methods
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Method
  • What are World Café Conversations?
  • World Café Guidelines and Design Principles
  • Café Etiquette
  • Five Ways to Make Collective Knowledge Visible
  • Collective Creativity

DAY 4 The Dynamics of Facilitation & Cultural Issues in facilitation

  • Planning, Hierarchical, Co-operative and Autonomous
  • The Meaning Dimension
  • The Process of Confrontation
  • Feelings and Emotional Dimensions
  • Planning and Structuring Exercises
  • Cultural Issues in Facilitation
  • Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Differences

DAY 5 Key Competencies and Tools of Facilitation

  • Values of Facilitation
  • The Importance of Management Commitment
  • The Roles of Team Member, Project Manager, Project Sponsor, Facilitator and Documenter
  • Planning, Preparing, Conducting and following up a facilitated session
  • How to Identify and Manage risks associated with using facilitated sessions?
  • Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People
  • Techniques for Small Group Work

Who should attend

This Oxford training seminar is suitable for a broad range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Any Manager or Leader who facilitates or runs meetings
  • Training, Development & HR Professionals
  • Any staff involved in team Initiatives
  • Managers who need to facilitate external groups

Next dates

Nov 25—29, 2019
5 days
Istanbul, Turkey
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Aug 9—13, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day
Nov 23—27, 2020
5 days
Istanbul, Turkey
USD 5950
USD 1190 per day

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