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MIT Professional Education

Engineering Leadership for Emerging Leaders

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Jul 22—26
5 days
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
USD 5495
USD 1099 per day


"The course was very well designed and executed. It gave me both practical skills and insightful perspectives. The course was very engaging beginning to end. I have already started recommending this class to my colleagues." - Project Engineer, Stryker IMT

If the future of your organization depends on effective leadership for new products, engaged employees, and growth, you should take this course. Gain the leadership skills to accelerate your effectiveness and impact. Offered by the premier Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program, this five-day course is designed to equip you with the skills and perspectives needed to lead yourself and others in today’s engineering and technology environments. You will improve your leadership skills by learning from the latest breakthroughs in the practice of leadership within a program that draws on a variety of teaching methods, especially hands-on learning. Like the practice of leadership itself, this program will be high-contact, high-energy, and consequential.

The transition to becoming an engineering leader is one of the most promising, yet challenging experiences that engineering professionals can face. The promise comes from becoming a new kind of professional; one who can mobilize sometimes-conflicting individuals around a shared vision, solve problems through “real” teamwork, and motivate people to deliver their best results. The challenge comes from learning to work in an entirely new way; from relying solely on oneself to deliver individual results to leading others to deliver collective results. Herein lies the nature of the delicate relationship between leadership and followership.


During our five-day program, you will:

  • Enhance your understanding of the nature of leadership and followership
  • Build a foundation of team-building skills
  • Develop and deliver an inspiring and shared vision
  • Discover new ways to lead and motivate others in technical environments
  • Gain support for your ideas in environments characterized by conflicting stakeholder needs
  • Learn to manage conflicts through negotiations and constructive dialogues

Who should attend

This course is designed for engineering, science, and technology professionals with less than 15 years of experience who are leading others for the first time, or aspiring to do so. Those who attend usually include: engineers, research scientists, managers, project or product managers, directors, crew chiefs, members of technical staffs, and technical leads.

Computer Requirements:

Laptops/devices with word processing capability are recommended. Advance materials may be sent by email or posted to the MIT Stellar system; please expect an email from the course directors with information about how to access these materials


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