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Effectively Communicating in the Moment

Available dates

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
New York, New York, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
Dec 18—19, 2019
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
Feb 3—4, 2020
2 days
Arlington, Washington, United States
USD 2445
USD 1222 per day
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About the course

Feel empowered when called upon to “stand and deliver” in spontaneous moments

It’s happened to all of us—you’re asked unexpectedly during a meeting to give a project update, or are stopped in the hallway with an important question, or are cornered in a challenging conversation. You can’t plan for these unrehearsed events, but you can take steps to always be confident and ready when they do happen. Now you can apply preemptive and in-the-moment strategies to excel when communicating in unscripted situations. You’ll learn strategies for managing emotional and physiological responses, along with mental templates to guide and frame your responses. Then you’ll practice five workplace situations where you must effectively meet immediate communication demands. Beyond these hands-on activities, you’ll also receive peer and leader feedback plus insights from a video session that will help you recognize and improve your nonverbal delivery behaviors.

How You Will Benefit

  • Manage stress in difficult impromptu interactions
  • Organize and frame responses using mental templates
  • Develop behaviors that convey professionalism
  • Assess your professional strengths and opportunities when communicating in the moment
  • Apply preemptive mindfulness to bring out your best self
  • Employ listener analysis to frame messages
  • Use in-the-moment strategies to organize your thinking
  • Integrate impactful nonverbal delivery behaviors into your in-the-moment communications

What You Will Cover

  • Assessing your in-the-moment communication needs
  • Reviewing a listener-centered approach to organizing your ideas in the moment
  • Starting strong: preemptive emotional/physical tools for stress management
  • Learning tools and strategies for rapid communication
  • Applying nonverbal behaviors that exude confidence and competence
  • Applying new in-the-moment mental templates
  • Identifying stalling techniques that don’t erode credibility
  • Exploring situational in-the-moment communication
  • Recognizing the power of questions to build focused and succinct in-the-moment responses
  • Reviewing approaches to use in five common workplace in-the-moment communication situations
  • Understanding how social media, texting and emailing relate to in-the-moment communications
  • Handling hostile questions assertively and professionally
  • Handling mediated in-the-moment communication on phone calls, in videoconferences and on conference calls
  • Exploring and practicing small talk in social or business networking events


Learning Objectives

  • Assess Your Professional Strengths and Opportunities When Communicating in the Moment
  • Apply Preemptive Mindfulness and Stress Management Strategies to Bring Your Best Self to In-the-Moment Communication Challenges
  • Use In-the-Moment Mental Templates to Organize Your Thinking and Frame Your Responses
  • Integrate Impactful Nonverbal Delivery Behaviors with Your In-the-Moment Communication

Getting Started

  • Identify Professional Strengths and Opportunities When Communicating in the Moment
  • Apply Listener-Centered Approaches to Organizing Ideas in the Moment
  • Employ Listener Analysis to Frame Messages
  • Apply Preemptive Strategies for Stress Management

Practicing Tools and Strategies for Rapid Communication

  • Choose Appropriate Mental Templates to Organize Responses in the Moment
  • Apply Nonverbal Behaviors and Delivery That Exude Confidence and Competence
  • Complement Nonverbal Behaviors with Verbal Strategies That Create a Sense of Confidence and Competence
  • Analyze Personal Communication Behaviors and In-the-Moment Communication

Situational, In-the-Moment Communication

  • Identify the Power of Questions to Build In-the-Moment Responses That Are Focused and Succinct
  • Apply Strategies to Handle Hostile Questions and Remain Confident and Communicative
  • Recognize and Leverage the In-the-Moment Demands of Five Common Workplace Situations

Situational, In-the-Moment Communication Workshop

  • Use In-the-Moment Communication Techniques and Strategies in Common Workplace Communication Situations
  • Create an Ongoing Action Plan to Develop In-the-Moment Communication Competence

Who should attend

All business professionals at any point in their careers who need to develop and improve their in-the-moment communication capabilities and confidence.

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