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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Leadership vs Digital Transformation | Nelson Phillips | TEDxHessle
Jun 15—19, 2020
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5600 ≈USD 7013
GBP 1120 per day

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This intensive 5 day programme will help you plan and build a Digital Transformation Strategy that can be taken away and implemented. You will learn from industry experts, Imperial Business School academics and practical case studies of successful digital transformations. The programme gives you access to world class expertise and best practice techniques to allow you to build a successful Digital Transformation Strategy that can be implemented in the real-world, along with the knowledge and skills to avoid the common pitfalls experienced when going through a digital transformation.

Course Content

Day 1

Registration & Refreshments


Digital Transformation in perspective: Why you need a digital culture This part of the programme walks you through the range of factors that have lead us to the fast changing environment we find ourselves in. It explores the technology behind the change and in turn explains what this means for our organisations. As well as helping us understand the present, this section also prepares us for a future in which the pace of change will increase, and in which organisations will not survive unless they are prepared for constant change.

  • The increasing pace of change
  • The technology catalyst
  • New channels, tools and business models
  • Why organisations really fail at digital

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Research Insights from CMI book of the year “Building Digital Culture”

Lunch will be provided

Plotting your digital journey

In this part of the programme we then start to build the steps we must go through to achieve our journey to implementing an effective digital transformation. As well as talking through some of the practical steps that we need to take along the way, the section takes a look at a number of examples from organisation that have already gone through the journey and successfully implemented their digital transformation.

  • Digital is dead – What ‘being digital’ means for your business
  • Auditing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Building your plan: goals and objectives
  • How to do it and who’ll you’ll need with you
  • Your strategic approach

Refreshment Break

Lessons from the industry

Day 2


The Digital Transformation Framework

This part of the programme gives you a structured framework of all of the things you’ll need to consider to build an organisation that is operating in a constantly changing environment. The section works as both the core building blocks of your strategy, but also as a reference and guide that you re-visit as you take on the particular challenges involved. Throughout this section over there days you will build your digital transformation strategy plan and constantly test it against industry best practice and learn from the success and failure of other organisations.

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The Digital Transformation Framework: Foundations

The Foundations section will help you understand and explore the core things that need to be in place for a successful digital transformation and build the central parts of your digital transformation strategy. This section will help you clarify the key objective and vision you will need for your digital transformation and how gaining and keeping leadership buy-in throughout the process is key to success. You’ll learn the techniques and methods to create an agile organisation, including agile working methodologies and organisational structure and design. You’ll go on to look at environmental analysis tools and frameworks to understand the environment we are operating in, and build an understanding of the central role of skills and talent throughout the organisation.

  • Definition and Vision
  • Leadership
  • Agility
  • Environment
  • Skills and talent

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Change and culture and the role Data artistry can play to drive change


Lessons from the industry

Day 3

In the readiness section you’ll learn about the technologies, techniques and processes that can make or break your digital transformation. As well as learning from industry experts, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore Imperial Colleges world leading research into topics like Organisational Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Blockchain. You’ll use this knowledge to build you digital transformation strategy and understand the risks and opportunities each of these technologies provide. You’ll also explore the internal processes, structure and working practices that are often at the heart of digital transformation failures, and you’ll learn from both success and failure case studies so we can avoid these pitfalls.


  • Strategic Positioning
  • Translation and communication
  • Technology
  • Process and governance
  • Structure
  • Connections

Day 4


The Digital Transformation Framework: Performance

The Performance section of the programme will deep dive into measuring the success of our digital transformation strategy, help us build measurement frameworks for iterative improving and look at how measuring ROI is key to digital transformation success. You’ll learn how to tie digital measurement techniques to your organisations financial success, and in turn how this can help build a culture of innovation and internal entrepreneurship.


  • Measurement
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Financial

Refreshment Break

The Digital Transformation Framework: Iteration

Lunch will be provided

Digital Transformation Strategy Step by Step Template


The Digital Transformation Framework: Keeping up with change

In this part of the programme we look at what happens once you’ve been through the process. We explore the techniques and approaches that will prevent you from lapsing back into previous approaches and how you can filter the ongoing change to work out what’s important and what’s not. Most importantly section chapter will explore how other organisations have dealt with the most common pitfalls and problems, so we can avoid the same challenges.

  • Keeping measurement at the core
  • Separating the ephemeral from the enduring
  • Distributed development (sharing the load)
  • Internal entrepreneurship and collaborative innovation
  • Who to follow and what to watch

Day 5


Digital Transformation Strategy Development and Coaching

You’ll now have time to work in groups and with an industry expert to build out your digital transformation strategy plans and start to refine and add detail. You’ll also carry out a series of ’stress tests’ on your strategies to see how they might perform as they are implemented and you’ll do a series of practice pitches in preparation for your final day ‘dragons den’.

Refreshment Break

Digital Transformation Strategy Development and Coaching cont.

Lunch will be provided

Transformation Strategy ‘Dragons Den’

In the final section of the programme you will pitch your Digital Transformation strategy at our panel of industry experts and leading academics for practical feedback and insights.


Transformation Strategy Refinement and Completion

Complete your strategy with the feedback gained and reflect on your learning over the 5 days. Leave with a completed Digital Transformation Strategy plan and guidance documents on how to implement it.

Who should attend

This course is for anyone responsible for planning and/or implementing a programme of digital transformation within an organisation. You may be at director or management level and have complete or partial responsibility for the delivery of the programme.


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Detailed Description

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Jun 15—19, 2020
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5600 ≈USD 7013
GBP 1120 per day

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