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About the course

The focus of the programme is on the central role of digital business models and strategy in enhancing business performance. The programme offers tools and concepts that management need to analyze and synthesize traditional business with digital business models as well as make informed decisions relating to greenfield digital ventures.


Using current research and cases the programme will explore the latest trends in digital transformation and leadership and provide a broad overview of the digital business models and strategy.

Specifically, the programme will address:

  • Digital – properties that facilitate business growth strategy and competitive advantage, role in business of incremental and disruptive technologies, value configurations, benefits and limitations. Digital and traditional business -similarities and differences in managing them.
  • Business models – How companies leverage digitalization and AI through the different business models of the new economy, evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of dynamic business models and critique of the business models of a variety of actual businesses. How to re imagine, reconfigure and rejuvenate traditional business model through digitalization for a sustainable business growth strategy.
  • The macro-environment – Investigation of competitive and macro environment as determinants of profitability and as influencers of digital business models, as well as how Digital business has affected the macro environment in which they operate.


Upon completion of the programme, the participant will be able to

Revisit the current business models, scope and revenue streams and be able to evaluate the role and feasibility of digital business models and strategy based upon the company’s position in a competitive space considering the macro environment factors that influence it and develop ideas to formulate a robust digital business design and implementation plan.

Who should attend

This programme is designed for senior executives at large and midsize companies who formulate corporate strategy as well as develop and implement digital business strategy. It is appropriate for directors, vice presidents, and senior managers who are responsible for formulating and driving digital strategy for their organization. Given the cross functional relevance of this program, individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

Typical participants

Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Vice President of Strategy
  • Director and teams incharge of digital transformation

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