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Creative Leadership – How to Innovate in a Complex World

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About the course

Today’s complex problems call for Creative Leadership – the ability and willingness to look at problems from new angles, explore unfamiliar paths, and accept ambiguity and unpredictability rather than resist them. In this session, you will immerse yourself in 4 distinct but interrelated dimensions of Creative Leadership – Spontaneity, Vision, Curiosity, and Simplicity. We will discuss how to harness these 4 essential skills in your own workplace, drawing from the work of artists, scientists, and philosophers. But this is no abstract topic – you will learn powerful strategies for unleashing your ability to lead with courage, change with confidence, and face an uncertain future with your creative and critical thinking skills fully engaged.

Time Allocation - Topics

10% What is Creative Leadership?

  • Defining the terrain: Why does creative leadership matter?
  • Why creative leadership is the most critical leadership competency
  • 4 essential skills for creative leadership

20% 1 - The Power of Spontaneity

  • Exploring the art of possibility
  • Turning “mistakes” into opportunities

20% 2 – The Power of Vision

  • Clarifying your personal leadership vision
  • Using metaphors to galvanize your team

20% 3 – The Power of Curiosity

  • 'Accepting the offer’: Embracing “what if” thinking
  • How to mitigate the risk of the unknown

20% 4 – The Power of Simplicity

  • How the world’s greatest innovators simplify the complex
  • Communicating for impact

10% Creating a Bold Future Together

  • Creative Leadership in the Age of Anxiety
  • The courage to lead artfully


Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Accelerating Performance Improvement, Adaptability, Creativeness, Decisiveness, Initiative, Leading Change

Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Leveraging Continuous Improvement Processes, Building Teamwork, Problem Identification, Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Developing Specific Plans, Determining Required Resources

Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Executing Performance Improvement Initiatives, Decision Making, Delegation, Coordination

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Michael Brenner

Dr. Michael Brenner, president of Right Chord Leadership LLC, is an international leadership consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker, author, and professional musician. He has taught courses at Immaculata University, Temple University, and La Salle University in organizational behavior, nego...


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