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About the course

A ruthlessly practical online course to learn and apply the approaches needed to realize innovation in business. Place your customer at the center of your processes, develop creative concepts, and test prototypes to make a difference in their lives.

Put innovation into practice today

Innovation continues to be one of the most common buzzwords in today’s business landscape. It is often said that innovation is crucial for companies to survive. But what does ‘innovation’ really mean? And more importantly, how do you do it?

In this course, you will learn the tools, techniques, and processes from human-centered design and agile methodology to product-based approaches that allow you to create new value for your customer and organization—all while developing the mindset and confidence to lead innovation processes.

4 Core modules

Opportunities to innovate Learn simple, practical research methods to gather data, extract the most relevant insights, and frame your innovation challenge in a clear and compelling way.

Ideation and concepting Lead creative processes that harness the power of teams to get beyond the obvious, generate new ideas and create early stage concepts.

Prototyping and testing How to bring your ideas to life quickly through prototypes. Build, test, iterate, and measure your impact to continuously drive toward success.

MVP and continuous innovation Learn what it takes to launch a minimum viable product (MVP), prove it’s value and market fit, while also learning why innovation isn’t “one and done”, but instead a habit and continuous mindset and approach.

What you will learn

By the time you finish this course, you should have acquired knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use immediately in your workplace or add to your resume.

  • Learn a range of practical methods; everything from framing the problem, to conducting user research, collaborative ideation, prototyping, and more
  • Understand how to do innovation, how you can successfully implement it, and how to use tools, techniques and processes that can enable innovation
  • Understand the theory and practice of innovation processes, from conducting research to gaining traction for new ideas
  • Get to know case studies of how innovation has been successfully (and not successfully) implemented
  • Ability to design, facilitate, and lead collaborative innovation processes using a wide range of approaches

Bonus takeaways

Demystifying innovation Explore innovation frameworks, consider how you currently innovate and ways you can apply the course to your workplace to achieve results.

Gaining traction Tell the story of your solution and integrate it within your context. You will explore ways to propel your solution forward and engage supporters along the way.

Continuous innovation Cultivate an environment in which innovation can continue to flourish through increased confidence. Embed the mindset for innovation within your ecosystem to support continuous innovation long after the course.

How you will learn

The Hyper Island approach is different from a traditional online course. We combine hands-on learning in your workplace with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Learning kit

Every Sunday, the weekly module is introduced. You will receive a Learning kit consisting of original content and insights to maximize your knowledge. The course content is available for you to go through at any time you choose during the week. An additional pre-course learning kit will be sent out prior to the first week to help get you started.

Live sessions, interactive workshops, and hands-on tasks

Each week, over the course of the month, a live interactive session takes place to support learning, reflection, creating, and networking. Sessions are multifaceted and social, ensuring all learners get a chance to contribute fairly. We use the time together each week to deep dive, get hands on, and create the artefacts, strategies, and thinking that directly help with your most current and pressing brand challenge.

The sessions will be hosted by course facilitators and leading thinkers and doers, working directly with design and innovation in business. And of course, we will learn and create using the latest and most applicable digital collaboration tools.

Weekly reflection

Every week, in addition to our live interactive sessions, there will be a chance to combine content, action, and reflection through provocations and peer discussion. These weekly learning opportunities are designed to integrate with your day-to-day work and build additional competence and experience.

Peer learning and perspective

We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussion from your peers on the course. As part of your journey, each of the live sessions will dedicate time in the program to connect, share, and learn from each other. We are always blown away by the experience and expertise from learners in our course and we work to amplify that for you.

Time commitment

This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule. The time commitment is up to the individual, however, you are expected to spend approximately 4 hours per week in total—including participation—in each of the live sessions, as well as your learning and doing outside of sessions.


Anna Hagensgård

Anna Hagensgård is a Client Partner working with the Tailored Learning team at Hyper Island. Anna works closely with clients, designing and setting up the best team to achieve the best possible outcome. Anna has a long history in digital, ranging from e-commerce to apps and games, always with a p...

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Creating Innovation at Hyper Island

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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