Create Like da Vinci, Innovate Like Edison

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What if you could call on history’s greatest genius, Leonardo da Vinci, to be your personal mentor in cultivating the ability to think creatively, embrace change and accelerate learning? This dynamic, highly-interactive program brings da Vinci’s genius to life through fascinating biographical and historical information, setting the stage for an introduction to seven principles for thinking “a la Leonardo.” Leonardo was probably the most creative person who ever lived but Thomas Edison is history’s greatest practical innovator. Thomas Edison invented the rigorous, disciplined process of innovation. In addition to creating the world’s first Industrial Research and Development laboratory, Edison was also a master at promoting a culture of innovation. Moreover, he understood that the principles of personal success and organizational innovation go hand-in-hand. Personal success and fulfillment requires you to learn how to think like an innovator; and, for your organization to be successful, innovation is now more important than ever.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 50% Inspiring lecture, story-telling,introducing principles/competencies and their application Introduction of the 7 DaVinci Principles and 5 Edison Innovation Competencies. Brief biographies and historical context for both geniuses. Identification of parallels between DaVinci and Edison and their implications for developing creativity and innovation
  • 20% Individual exercises focusing on application of principles Practical exercises in memory development, idea generation, creative problem-solving, goal-setting
  • 20% Small group discussions and brainstorming
  • 10% Spontaneous creative adaptation based on the flow of the day


  • Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Adaptability, Creativeness, Decisiveness, Judgment
  • Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Problem Identification, Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Selecting and Organizing Information, Analysis
  • Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Decision Making, Direction

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