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About the course

Obtaining the best value possible is a key objective for organizations charged with awarding federal property leases. After examining regulatory requirements, types of leases, and the phases of contract pricing, you will learn techniques and best practices to successfully negotiate real property lease proposals. Exercises built around realistic scenarios will challenge your cost analysis skills. This course is required to qualify for a leasing warrant.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply appropriate analysis techniques to evaluate offers and establish a prenegotiation position
  • Use analysis results to achieve a fair and reasonable price during lease negotiations

Course Topics

Lease Pricing

  • Meaning and Purpose of Contract Pricing
  • Phases of Contract Pricing
  • Legislative and Regulatory Requirements
  • Types of Pricing
  • Types of Analysis: Price and Cost
  • Types of Leases and Lease Situations
  • Summary

Analysis During Acquisition Planning

  • Purpose of Analysis
  • Sufficiency of Requirements
  • Preliminary Market Price Analysis
  • Market Survey Price Analysis
  • Results of the Market Survey
  • Summary

Analysis of Solicitation

  • Consideration of Government Requirements and Standards
  • Reconcile Pricing Paragraphs with Market Survey Results
  • Market Practices Versus Government Requirements
  • Socioeconomic Policies and Impact On Price
  • Content and Structure of the RLP Package
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Measurement of Space
  • Exercise: Price Impact of Governmental Policies
  • Exercise: Conversion of Space Measurements

Price Evaluation of Initial Offers

  • Initial Checks and Verifications
  • Abstract of Offers
  • Nature and Extent of Competition
  • Establish Negotiation Objectives
  • Fair Annual Rent
  • Present Value Analysis
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Composite Rate per Square Foot
  • Exercise: Overtime Services Adjustment
  • Exercise: Abstract of Offers

Technical Evaluation of Offers

  • Desirables, Not Requirements
  • Technical Evaluation
  • The Relationship of Price and Technical Evaluation Factors
  • Competitive Range
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Award Decision Under Different Price-Quality Relationships

Cost Analysis

  • Application and Limitations
  • Cost Elements of Rent
  • Accounting Principles and Practices
  • Allowability of Costs
  • Cost or Pricing Data
  • Data Collection
  • Prepare “Should Cost” Position for Negotiation
  • Profit as an Element
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Cost Analysis of Lease Proposal
  • Exercise: Cost Analysis of Alterations

Use of Analysis in Negotiations

  • Preparation for Negotiations
  • Prenegotiation Plan
  • Review of Cost Analysis
  • Review of Technical and Price Analysis
  • Identify Strategy
  • Summary

Final Evaluation and Negotiation Memorandum

  • Final Evaluation
  • Preaward Actions
  • Contract Award
  • Summary

Additional Situations for Analysis

  • Simplified Lease Model
  • Succeeding/Superseding Lease
  • Real Estate Tax Evaluation
  • Terminations and Restoration
  • Summary
  • Exercise: Superseding Lease
  • Exercise: Superseding Lease
  • Exercise: Government’s Share of Tax Increase
  • Exercise: Adjustment for Vacant Premises

Who should attend

This training course is essential for those involved in evaluating lease proposals and those who seek a higher level leasing warrant.

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