ILR School

Contract Language and Interpretation (LR205)

Available dates

Mar 4, 2020
New York, New York, United States
USD 995
USD 995 per day


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About the course

A collective bargaining agreement is a living document referred to by the parties involved on a daily basis. Whether they are administering contract language or proposing language at the bargaining table, this workshop is designed to provide labor relations practitioners with a solid, practical understanding of what contract language means and how it will likely be interpreted by an arbitrator in the event of a contract language dispute. This one-day workshop covers:

  • A methodology for analyzing contract language disputes
  • Standards used by arbitrators in contract interpretation cases
  • Key contract clauses in collective bargaining agreements

Key Topics

Principles of contract interpretation

  • Determining how language is construed
  • Arbitrators' views on contract language

The role and impact of past practice

  • Standards for defining/proving a binding past practice
  • The impact of past practice on the meaning of contract language
  • Termination of a past practice

Preserving management's rights

  • Understanding the source of management's rights
  • How management's rights can be affected by contract language or past practices
  • How arbitrators view the doctrine of reserved rights

Drafting contract language

  • How to write contract language that means what you intended
  • Common drafting mistakes

Special Features

Case study practice in contract interpretation and drafting and the opportunity to hear an arbitrator's view

Who should attend

Labor relations/human resource professionals involved in the administration or negotiation of collective bargaining agreements

Trust the experts

Ellen Gallin-Procida

Ellen Gallin Procida has been teaching the art of arbitration advocacy for nearly 20 years. During her career as a NYC public school teacher, she first developed the skills necessary for effective advocacy by representing UFT members as the school based union representative in her school. Ellen w...


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