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About the course

Contract administration is comprised of planning, performance monitoring, quality assurance, and other key phases. It poses challenges such as: How do you handle a contract modification? What kind of oversight does a subcontractor require? You will examine the duties performed by contracting personnel during the administration phase of the acquisition process and improve your knowledge and skills in overseeing contractor performance. You will gain a deeper understanding of contracts for commercial items and those using simplified acquisition procedures.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan for contract administration
  • Conduct a postaward orientation
  • Make decisions regarding a contractor’s use of subcontracts
  • Monitor contractor performance and resolve problems
  • Identify and address delays in performance
  • Modify contracts and exercise options
  • Select and pursue a formal contract remedy and recognize fraud
  • Identify and resolve contract disputes
  • Examine labor laws, government property, intellectual property, and environment protection regulations
  • Identify the methods to finance commercial and noncommercial item contracts
  • Close out contracts

Course Topics

Contract Administration Planning

  • Review the Contract File and Determine the Level of Surveillance Needed
  • Delegating Contract Administration Functions
  • Develop a Contract Administration Plan
  • Identify Personnel to Represent the Contracting Officer

Postaward Orientation

  • Necessity and Type of Postaward Orientation
  • Conduct a Postaward Orientationn
  • Module Capstone Exercise

Subcontract Administration

  • Consent to Subcontact and Communicate the Decision
  • Contract Purchasing Systems
  • Subcontracting with Small Businesses

Performance Monitoring and Quality Assurance

  • Responsibilities of the Parties
  • Quality Requirements
  • Acceptance and Performance Problems

Delays in Performance

  • Determine to Stop Work
  • Identifying Types and Facts of Delays

Contract Modifications, Adjustments, Options, and Orders

  • Contract Modifications
  • Options
  • Task and Delivery Orders and Basic Ordering Agreements

Formal Remedies

  • Formal Remedies and How to Handle Them
  • Fraud and How to Handle it

Disputes, Claims, and Terminations

  • Contract Disputes
  • Claims and Procedures for Claims
  • Termination

Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

  • Labor Policies, Laws, and Regulations
  • Government and Intellectual Properties
  • Environment and Safety Concerns

Financial Matters

  • Costs, Payments, and Contractor Debts
  • Invoices and Administering Securities

Contract Closeout

  • Evaluate Contractor Performance
  • Contract Closeout Steps

Who should attend

This course is designed for individuals seeking to further their knowledge related to the administration of federal contracts. CORs will find this course to be especially beneficial and will enable them to fulfill their continuous learning requirements for certification maintenance.

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